Monday, 21 March 2016

Level 1264

The easiest way to get the poppies is to move the bull straight down to the water bucket, right to the first poppy. Down again then left to the second poppy. Otherwise you need to move down then left to get the lower one, then back right and up to get the higher one. The problem with this is the bull is sat right under where the flower seed needs to fall meaning you waste more moves than the other way as you then need to move the bull.

If you waste too many moves trying to do it the first way, quit and start again.

Once the bull has at least got the higher poppy, make rows next to your water buckets to get water jumping over towards where the flower seed is sat so that you can germinate it and make it grow.

Cascading crops will get points so you need to collect less.

This is quite a tricky level, but not impossible.


  1. 25 moves; 1 poppy, 2 flowers, 60 apples, 60 strawberries

  2. I passed this by using the strategy above, although the requirements have changed. More flower seeds fall from the top after the original ones are released by the poppy and fall onto the board.

  3. this level has changed 1 poppy 2 flowers 45 strawberries and 45 apples

  4. how do i pass the level HELP