Sunday, 20 March 2016

Level 1263

15 Moves
25 Firecrackers
10 Flowers
120 Apples
120 Strawberries
You cannot make rows against the crops yet. You need to use the firecrackers to open them. This will waste quite a few moves, so if you only have a few moves left and have only managed to open one flower, my advice would be to quit and start again.
Luckily we have grass at the bottom so that when you can start making rows down there, you will have extra points on them.
Make your rows as long as you can so that they cover as many firecrackers as you can. Look at the crops above so that when the first row falls, you might have another row fall if you have carefully lined them up.
Once you can make rows near the flowers, make them between as many as you can.

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  1. 15 moves; 10 flowers, 25 firecrackers, 120 apples, 120 strawberries