Sunday, 20 March 2016

Level 1258

Not the best video since they made the level harder 😢
The flowers should open themselves as you are busy crop collecting.
You have rotating crops that will help you do this too.
When making rows, make them against as many firecrackers as you can. You don't have that many moves and you have a lot to do, so on top of that, get your chicken moving as well as he needs to lay lots of eggs. Luckily you only need 2 chicks but that is a fair amount of eggs you need to be laid.
See what crops will fall when you make a row. If you can set it up so when one row is made, it leaves a crop that will match up when the logs rotate, even better.
You definitely need combination rows here and if you can use them so that they hit flowers and firecrackers, or the firecrackers and chickens, even better.
Watch the crops on the logs. As they turn, they might move the last piece you need in a row.


  1. I am working on this level now and it's been changed from what's shown here. I have 8 moves, and I have to collect 15 firecrackers and 175 apples. The chicks and flowers stayed the same.

    1. Thanks Jana, its on our list of changes now ;)

  2. This has been changed to 11 moves now.