Sunday, 20 March 2016

Level 1256

20 Moves (changed)
60 Apples
60 Carrots
60 Strawberries
12 Flowers

Bombs away! 
If I am correct in this, once you have cleared the bombs from your board, you get no more falling.
Use the rows of bombs to open flowers, start at the bottom and you should find some of the side ones will open as crops fall past them.
Make rows against as many as you can for maximum effect, remember to look for possible rows of five crops, which will also remove the same colour bombs.
And match crops in combinations rows too for extra points.
You need to make crops keep falling and you will soon pass this.


  1. no video? wonder why this game is impossible tried for over a week used heaps of beans, and help but can't pass it so where is your video?

    1. If king would leave their levels alone and stop faffing around with them, we would have every level videoed and I would be on the highest level. Unfortunately they like to make bloggers lives harder and change levels over and over. I have a list of ones I know have changed that I try get through but then they change more so it's always forward one step, backwards two. However when I am home tonight I will make this one a priority. Sorry it's not there already :)

  2. Video done now for you , hope it helps you out!