Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Level 1252

12 Moves (revised)
2 Flowers
65 Onions
35 Water drops
65 Carrots
If you are very careful on this level you can avoid all the bombs going off. You do need careful planning (the igniter companion is handy too) and a little skillful moving about here.
Make your rows next to the water to get as much as you can. Although you only need 20, you need to grow two flowers, so you need water next to the seeds, but you can also swallow bombs if the water splashes onto them.
Beware of the rabbit. It obviously eats the bombs as well as healthy carrots, so can be a help. Sometimes. Its better to stun it when there are longer times on the bombs otherwise you have more chances of bombs going off.
Concentrate on collecting onions and carrots too as if you keep making matches next to the buckets, the water will gather itself.

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