Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Level 1251 **Rancid**

We have 12 moves to beat Rancid in, and we need 300 Water drops, Carrots or onions. Almost sounds like we could make a racoon stew :)
You have two spiders on the board and an empty nest. You DO NOT need to gather the spiders. However they sit surrounded by webs and that is what we need to remove. The reason for that is because they are covering all the grass. Grass not only gives points it also makes grumpy crops smile again.
So, start by making as many rows against the water buckets as you can so that water will jump around and break some webbed crops for you.
Once that has started, you can go and make rows on your grass.
Remember that with Rancid, the more stars you want, the more moves you have left. 6 moves left got me a 2 star video. I think I had 9 for the 3 stars. So use shovels earlier on as each shovel is like another move. 3 Shovels is equal to 3 moves really.
Companions do not really do a lot. Using them I think I got about 3000 more points than I did on the no shovels, and the no shovels was with no bean help against him. It all depends on the board.
*any videos you watch other than any linked here are likely to be different as they halved the moves and doubled crops.

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