Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Level 1245

9 Moves
5 Flowers
130 Apples
130 Strawberries
1 Spider
This is another tricky level with not so many moves so again you need cascading crops. I don't know what this episode is called but I think it should have cascadia in it somewhere :P
Use the crops on the logs to help break webs and ice..the frog eats water so use him even if he does trample madly all over your nicely planned matches. He will at least remove the water which means other crops can fall into their places.
Have your rows in between the flowers which will save your moves.
Make your crops cascade as much as you can and you will pass this level.


  1. The water frog doesn't always move when a match is made by him.

    1. He should...unless its a cascade of crops, then they only move the first time they are hit. If its not that, it may be a glitch, can you report it via the app?