Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Level 1241

16 Moves
3 Chicks
115 Suns
115 Carrots
115 Onions
The key to passing this level? You MUST have falling crops that fall over and over again in each move. What do I mean by that? You remove a row of crops, the crops above, fall down and make a row all by themselves over and over again as many times as they can. The more crops that fall and match themselves in each row, the more points your remaining crops gain and the less moves you need to complete.
I used a booster, it may be possible without, it depends on what mood your boards are in. I found though that companions throwing crops meant more likelihood of them making a row next to the chicken causing her to lay an egg and fly off somewhere else.
Another advantage of falling crops means that they can make rows next to your chicken over and over again too!

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