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Level 1270

 Moves (revised) 1 Poppy 4 Flowers 75 Carrots 75 Strawberries Sometimes you can move the bull to the right and help open a flower. Whether you do that or not, you need to move the bull down then and over to the right to get to the poppy, Its easier to do that part if you pick the other flowers first as they will only hold the bull up. As always, you need combinations and to open the flowers in as few moves as you can so that you have more moves to manoeuvre the bull around and gather crops. VIDEO COMING

Level 1269

 Moves (revised) 180 Carrots 180 Onions 8 Flowers You have frogs but they eat the bombs of the crops we don't need to collect so you need them hopping about the board. The crops move in front of the flowers as they are sitting on the logs. And you have a flower growing companion which is very handy to have as it gets to the flowers other companions cannot reach :) Once the frogs are moved, and your flowers are on the way to being opened, make as many rows on grass as you can for the points. VIDEO COMING

Level 1268

22 Moves (revised)  3 Dragons 2 Flowers 6 Chicks 65 Onions The flowers are really easy on this level, but you need to watch which eggs you hatch. You only need 2 dragons but 4 chicks and its easy to forget which you are cracking. The best thing about this level though is the fact we do not need to collect firecrackers, but use them anyway, and we only get the needed crops falling. Use combinations to combine gathering crops and opening the eggs at the same time. Also remember that shovels can crack eggs. If I can do this level without shovels though, it proves that it depends on a good board. So if you don't succeed, then keep trying. VIDEO COMING

Level 1267

24 Moves (revised) 11 Flowers 39 Water drops 150 Carrots 18 Firecrackers As usual with the flowers, make rows of crops against them. You certainly do not get enough moves to waste here. The best advice for this level is to make as many firecrackers as you can jump about and to make crops cascade. You need a good run and plenty of falling crops or you don't get enough points and you need the crops on the logs to turn and help make rows too. You have 7 flowers on the board meaning you need to use all 4 of your grass seeds to make more. Tricky when you need to do everything at once but with a good board, it can be done . VIDEO COMING

Level 1266 **Rancid**

In 19 Moves you need to throw 170 Apples, Carrots, Strawberries and apples. and all the crops are grumpy. Luckily we have seeds to make into grass, so try and make a few patches together and then its just hoping the board co-operates enough to give you some crops that will land nicely on the grass and cascade down to add points onto each gathered crop.  Be careful of the grumpies spoiling rows though >:-(  Combinations definitely help!

Level 1265

18 Moves 10 Flowers 80 Carrots 80 Onions 80 Suns 8 Flowers on the board means you need to grow two of your own flowers. Ideally if you can get a seed sitting in the slime and a water seed on the grass on the logs, you can remove some of the slime by turning it into grass, but this can waste moves so don't try unless it lines itself up for you. Use some of the grumpy crops to open flowers. Make rows so that you hit two flowers each time.  Once you remove flowers, you will reveal patches of grass, but cascading crops will add points to your gathered goodies . There seems to be a new change, or a glitch, as per usual King have not come out and said it, but hitting a seed with a shovel, seems to change it into a flower now too!

Level 1264

The easiest way to get the poppies is to move the bull straight down to the water bucket, right to the first poppy. Down again then left to the second poppy. Otherwise you need to move down then left to get the lower one, then back right and up to get the higher one. The problem with this is the bull is sat right under where the flower seed needs to fall meaning you waste more moves than the other way as you then need to move the bull. If you waste too many moves trying to do it the first way, quit and start again. Once the bull has at least got the higher poppy, make rows next to your water buckets to get water jumping over towards where the flower seed is sat so that you can germinate it and make it grow. Cascading crops will get points so you need to collect less. This is quite a tricky level, but not impossible.

Level 1263

15 Moves 25 Firecrackers 10 Flowers 120 Apples 120 Strawberries You cannot make rows against the crops yet. You need to use the firecrackers to open them. This will waste quite a few moves, so if you only have a few moves left and have only managed to open one flower, my advice would be to quit and start again. Luckily we have grass at the bottom so that when you can start making rows down there, you will have extra points on them. Make your rows as long as you can so that they cover as many firecrackers as you can. Look at the crops above so that when the first row falls, you might have another row fall if you have carefully lined them up. Once you can make rows near the flowers, make them between as many as you can.

Level 1262

  Moves 2 Flower 2 Poppy Flowers 120 Carrots 120 Strawberries Try to move the bull to the bottom of the screen so it doesn't go on the logs at the bottom. Move the bull to the right to get the first poppy. If you can, don't open the flower yet, use it as a roadblock to stop the bull so that it lines up with the higher poppy. If you have opened the flower though, don't panic, it just means you have to move your bull to the right side, then up, then once at the top, move it over to the left to get the second poppy. Again as always, combination moves will get the extra points on your crops. video to follow

Level 1261

Use the crops on the logs to help grow your flowers and make your rows. As your flower seed is sat in the slime you will need to move it down to towards the edge of the slime. You won't get any more seeds fall down until the seed on the board is germinated. Combinations or shovels will break ice, and grab as many crops as you can gather on the grass as you will get extra points. Most of it is under the ice so it needs to be broken.

Level 1260

23 Moves (changed) 3 Dragons 10 Firecrackers 100 Apples 100 Strawberries Work from the bottom to encourage crops to fall, touching the firecrackers and adding points to crops on the board. The logs will help you make rows too as they move along.  The only downside about starting at the bottom is the row of slime, but you will get less points on your crops if you start at the top. Well my personal experience told me that, you might find differently.  Eggs will keep falling, match them too and make your eggs as soon as you can to remove them. video to follow

Level 1259

24 Moves 4 Flowers 2 Dragons 100 Carrots 100 Strawberries Make rows in between flowers so that you touch at least two each row you make. Rob the rabbit is back so concentrate on carrots first. You don't get any more firecrackers fall until you use the one on the board. Although its not a requirement this time, it does help you as when it explodes everywhere it will either remove crops or help grow the flowers. Keep cracking your eggs and while you are busy doing that you should manage to gather a fair few crops.

Level 1258

Not the best video since they made the level harder 😢 The flowers should open themselves as you are busy crop collecting. You have rotating crops that will help you do this too. When making rows, make them against as many firecrackers as you can. You don't have that many moves and you have a lot to do, so on top of that, get your chicken moving as well as he needs to lay lots of eggs. Luckily you only need 2 chicks but that is a fair amount of eggs you need to be laid. See what crops will fall when you make a row. If you can set it up so when one row is made, it leaves a crop that will match up when the logs rotate, even better. You definitely need combination rows here and if you can use them so that they hit flowers and firecrackers, or the firecrackers and chickens, even better. Watch the crops on the logs. As they turn, they might move the last piece you need in a row.

Level 1257

18 Moves (changed) 6 Flowers 28 Firecrackers 120 Onions 120 Strawberries All the flowers are hidden underneath the firecrackers, which we also need to light. Hopefully though as we are making the firecrackers jump about they will land on the flowers and help them grow for us to pick. Lie the rows against as many of the firecrackers as you can then it will mean you have to use less moves. Combinations and +5 rows will get us the points we need on the crops.

Level 1256

20 Moves (changed) 60 Apples 60 Carrots 60 Strawberries 12 Flowers Bombs away!  If I am correct in this, once you have cleared the bombs from your board, you get no more falling. Use the rows of bombs to open flowers, start at the bottom and you should find some of the side ones will open as crops fall past them. Make rows against as many as you can for maximum effect, remember to look for possible rows of five crops, which will also remove the same colour bombs. And match crops in combinations rows too for extra points. You need to make crops keep falling and you will soon pass this.

Level 1255

12 Moves (revised) 10 Flowers 125 Apples 1 Spider 125 Strawberries Those 12 moves soon go! Try and drop a crop and make a row on the inside of the square of flowers if you can, but if not, you need to make a row against as many flowers as you can on the outside as you don't get enough moves to do everything you need to otherwise. Combine this with freeing the spider, and breaking his webs. Once the webbed crops are out of the way you have more space to make larger rows of needed crops as well as making them on the grass. Use +5 rows and combinations and keep replaying it until you pass this level but it didn't seem to make a difference to how I beat this level, if I used companions or not.

Level 1253

16 Moves 8 Flowers 40 Water drops 120 Carrots 120 Strawberries The water bucket is surrounded by flowers which all need to be opened anyway. They are on top of grass too. Open the flowers using combinations (touch as many as you can with each row) but your crops around the bucket rotate as they are on logs, which means that you can line crops up, so as they turn, they match with a new crop and make a row. It really does save moves! Match row of 5 crops if the chance arises. Try to just match the crops you need when you can, but you need to keep making them around the water bucket as you only get one but need 40 drops!

Level 1252

12 Moves (revised) 2 Flowers 65 Onions 35 Water drops 65 Carrots If you are very careful on this level you can avoid all the bombs going off. You do need careful planning (the igniter companion is handy too) and a little skillful moving about here. Make your rows next to the water to get as much as you can. Although you only need 20, you need to grow two flowers, so you need water next to the seeds, but you can also swallow bombs if the water splashes onto them. Beware of the rabbit. It obviously eats the bombs as well as healthy carrots, so can be a help. Sometimes. Its better to stun it when there are longer times on the bombs otherwise you have more chances of bombs going off. Concentrate on collecting onions and carrots too as if you keep making matches next to the buckets, the water will gather itself.

Level 1251 **Rancid**

We have 12 moves to beat Rancid in, and we need 300 Water drops, Carrots or onions. Almost sounds like we could make a racoon stew :) You have two spiders on the board and an empty nest. You DO NOT need to gather the spiders. However they sit surrounded by webs and that is what we need to remove. The reason for that is because they are covering all the grass. Grass not only gives points it also makes grumpy crops smile again. So, start by making as many rows against the water buckets as you can so that water will jump around and break some webbed crops for you. Once that has started, you can go and make rows on your grass. Remember that with Rancid, the more stars you want, the more moves you have left. 6 moves left got me a 2 star video. I think I had 9 for the 3 stars. So use shovels earlier on as each shovel is like another move. 3 Shovels is equal to 3 moves really. Companions do not really do a lot. Using them I think I got about 3000 more points than I did on the no shovels,

Level 1250

13 Moves 5 Chicks 3 Fireflies 115 Onions 115 Carrots No chickens here to lay eggs which is much better, so start with the fireflies then when they are gone you can start making the chicks. You need 5 so always try to combine making rows of eggs and crops where you get a chance to. Use combinations, +5 rows if you see them and cascading crops to get all the crops you need.

Level 1249

18 Moves 1 Sheep 2 Fireflies 3 Oysters 123 Carrots See if you can lay crops against oysters, or catch them in between the two fireflies to save moves and if you can open oysters and hit at least one of the flies that's even better. Stun Rob the rabbit everytime he starts moving about so that he keeps out of the way because he is a PAIN!!!! Move the sheep over to the hay and then use combinations and  +5 rows to get the crop count.

Level 1248

13  Moves 6 Oysters 1 Sheep 75 Apples 75 Carrots Unless they have extra points on them or you can use them to open oysters, ignore the crop count and remove the oysters. They are a pain because they are in the way. You should gather crops anyway this way as you are removing the oysters. If you do this as quickly as you can you will have the moves to gather crops later.  Once the oysters are removed, or at least only the lower ones left, lead the sheep to the hay. Use a shovel to drop a crop if you can get a row on the hay by removing one out of the way. Combinations will get you the points you need for the remaining crops.

Level 1247

11 Moves 3 Fireflies 3 Oysters 60 Apples 60 Carrots Its hard to say which is first on this level, so just clear the fireflies and oysters depending on where the crops are lying best for you. Remember with the oysters though if you don't make another move next to them they will close again. Try to make a row touching two of them each time and also if you just have one left to open, you can always use a shovel. Once they are gone you need to collect the crops but there aren't so many as there could be of them. Use combinations and you will soon have enough points. You don't even need to use combinations.

Level 1246

10 Moves 1 Sheep 90 Carrots 90 Water drops 90 Strawberries We need to get one sheep onto the hay. The hay squares are underneath the flowers or the spider. Neither of those need to be collected (No I didn't realise the first time either!) But you need to remove one of them to get to the hay. Either of them are easy enough to get to, just go whichever way the crops lead you. Make all your rows on the grass for the extra points it gives you (along with cascading crops) using combinations too and you will soon pass.

Level 1245

9 Moves 5 Flowers 130 Apples 130 Strawberries 1 Spider This is another tricky level with not so many moves so again you need cascading crops. I don't know what this episode is called but I think it should have cascadia in it somewhere :P Use the crops on the logs to help break webs and ice..the frog eats water so use him even if he does trample madly all over your nicely planned matches. He will at least remove the water which means other crops can fall into their places. Have your rows in between the flowers which will save your moves. Make your crops cascade as much as you can and you will pass this level.

Level 1244

13 Moves 5 Chicks 100 Suns 100 Carrots Use your rotating logs here to set your next move up. Work from the bottom of the screen whenever possible and then you can sometimes end up with new matches being formed from crops falling down. Try to make matches on the few grass patches you have for extra points too. Use shovels to break eggs if you get stuck but companions can be a waste of time. I managed two stars without using any :)

Level 1243

15 Moves 3 Spiders 1 Chick 55 Carrots 55 Suns This one is a pretty fun level.  You do have 3 spiders to remove but none of them have empty nests. You need to have a chicken laying her eggs, but only need one chick. If the worst comes to the worst you can crack an egg with a shovel. Concentrate on moving spiders, breaking webs and gathering crops to start with, then when you have got a healthy amount of crops and the spiders have gone and you have free space...then get her laying eggs, crack them and make your chick.  This level can be done without using companions which sadly means they will most likely change it at some point..

Level 1242

6 Moves (revised) 150 Suns 150 Onions 9 Flowers 6 Firecrackers The levels you need to beware of are the ones with lots of moves. The ones with fewer moves like this one are tricky levels rather than hard. They depend on good falling crops and an igniter companion :) Plan matches carefully, try to start at the bottom on the rows that have crops together above. Hopefully new crops will fall that will match up with those. If you are using the companion that ignites, they should get most of the flowers although you will open some as you are matching crops. Like the previous level, the more crops that fall and match themselves, the more chances of success you will have.

Level 1241

16 Moves 3 Chicks 115 Suns 115 Carrots 115 Onions The key to passing this level? You MUST have falling crops that fall over and over again in each move. What do I mean by that? You remove a row of crops, the crops above, fall down and make a row all by themselves over and over again as many times as they can. The more crops that fall and match themselves in each row, the more points your remaining crops gain and the less moves you need to complete. I used a booster, it may be possible without, it depends on what mood your boards are in. I found though that companions throwing crops meant more likelihood of them making a row next to the chicken causing her to lay an egg and fly off somewhere else. Another advantage of falling crops means that they can make rows next to your chicken over and over again too!