Saturday, 20 February 2016

Level 1240

14 Moves
2 Poppy Flowers
1 Spider
120 Apples
120 Carrots
An easier one than the last level :)
You have two ways of getting the bull. Move it down and to the right twice. Or move it to the right, it will stop on the ice. Either wait for a firecracker to break the ice or use a shovel. But then you will probably need to move left and then move right again to get to the corner and in position for the last poppy before moving down. Personally I think the first option is easier.
Once the poppies have gone you have more chance of freeing the spider. He has a spare nest and you are now running out of moves.
Again as always you need combinations and maybe use a shovel to get rid of any crops in the way so you can make your matches and free the spider.
Wherever you make your rows try to make them so some crops are on the grass for instant points.

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