Saturday, 20 February 2016

Level 1239

17 Moves
50 Strawberries
50 Suns
50 Water drops
50 Onions
The hardest level of this episode. 
You don't need to collect any mushrooms but you will find on this sparce board, that they outweigh the crops. So to get anywhere you need to concentrate on the onions (Any companion that throws onions is a big help here) while making as many rows of mushrooms as you can. Even if it makes more of them as they will match themselves when they grow.
You need to try to clear the board but at the very least, shuffle them off to one side so that you can avoid them. 
You will find as you are busy doing all that you will gather a lot of the other crops without realising. Save shovels until towards the end then you can grab any higher point single crops, or make a decent row by removing a crop out of the way. 
Watch the video for help on what the tips are trying to explain :)

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