Saturday, 20 February 2016

Level 1236 **Rancid**

In less than 15 moves you need to hit rancid the racoon with 400 Carrots and Apples
You need to save as many moves as you can to earn higher stars if you want to unlock the next roadblock without needing to ask friends so remember your shovels.
Careful use of shovels earlier in the game can save you moves later.
We have an apple eating frog (boo hiss) which makes things harder. Try not to set him off as much as you can. We also have the super annoying rabbit who everyone hates! Eating carrots as he goes. 
We have rotating crops on logs, use them to make matches as they turn.
If you can make rows of +5 even if they hit the frog, make them as it will add extra points and clear all that crop type meaning more crops will fall and hopefully settle into some rows as well.


  1. you never mentioned the annoying rabbit does much more damage than the frog, really the rabbit is far more damaging, I hate it, and giving up on this game.

  2. been on this for over a week no way can get 400 points lowest I have got is 89 its impossible with the rabbit, I quit, its impossible hate it!!