Saturday, 20 February 2016

Level 1229

18 Moves
2 Flowers
4 Poppy Flowers
80 Carrots
80 Suns
The two bulls both need to be moved to the right to get the first two poppies. Its up to you how you get the last two. Either way the flowers need to be removed. You can either use one bull, move to between the last two then move him up and down (or reverse) or move the upper bull to the top, and the lower bull down then you can just move them both to the right.
Personally I wouldn't worry just yet, get the first two out of the way and see where the crops lead you,
This level seemed kinder to me for falling crops, hopefully it will for you too.
As the crops fall down they will add points on and if you can match them on the grass even better.

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