Saturday, 20 February 2016

Level 1228

20 Moves
8 Fireflies
4 Oysters
125 Onions
125 Suns
This level is best if you start with opening the fireflies and as you do that, you should remove the oysters.
Once they are both out of the way then make as many matches as you can on the grass. Luckily we don't need too many  if the crops cascade you will gather them all.
Save as many moves as you can for crop removal though!


  1. Do you have to remove all 8 firefly sat the same time? Or two lots of 4 fireflys

    1. All fireflies have to be lit at the same time or they won't fly away :)

  2. I've been playing farm heroes for years. This is the first time I've deemed a level impossible. After 25+ tries I've yet to get rid of the fireflies, and at games end I'm far short of colors. If I use a color booster, the generated colors rain down and close what fireflies I have open. I thought I was good at this game, but I think I've met my Waterloo. Good luck

  3. I feel the same. This level is unwinnable.

  4. Do you think they have done this level so people stop playing as snowball hell comes to mind!!!

  5. I think you want this Game to stop Here. It is Just an Unwinable Level.

  6. No it is passable. Evil. Save free boosters, use companions if you can but don't stress at it. Watch tv or something at the same time and let your mind drift, sometimes auto playing helps!