Thursday, 4 February 2016

Level 1223

14 Moves
1 Spider
4 Flowers
240 Onions
240 Strawberries
This is a level you really DO NOT need companions for, so save your beans.
As is usual with flowers, lay your rows against as many as you can, or in between them.
You have two options with the spider.
1) Break the webs and free him, make rows next to the water buckets..or..
2) Move him to the web above which is surrounded by iced water, break the bottom right iced corner, which will slide into the free space, breaking ice then making a row leaving you free to gathering the other two crops.
It doesn't matter about matching on the grass, you will get so many crops fall that you will automatically have points added on as long as you watch for possible rows of 5 crops, and use every combination shape you can when making rows.

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