Thursday, 4 February 2016

Level 1220

15 Moves
3 Fireflies
2 Oysters
200 Carrots
95 Mushrooms
You need to move the oysters first to get to the fireflies on the right. To get to the one on the left you need to break the iced mushrooms. you do this by making matches next to the mushrooms to get them to spread, so make rows to the side of them so they keep dropping down towards the iced ones. Once they are gone you can concentrate more on the crops.
The hardest part will be the mushrooms, so although you need a lot of carrots, keep making rows next to as many mushrooms as you can to spread them all over the board. 
Collect as many +5 rows as you can, not only will it bring you extra points but there are bound to be mushrooms near the removed crops too, so as new ones fall they will help spread the fungi!

video coming

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