Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Level 1217

16 Moves
3 Poppy Flowers
100 Onions
100 Suns 
2 Sheep
See if you can line up the crops so that you move the bull straight down towards the first poppy. From there you can move him right to the next, down then to the left to get the final one.
At the same time be moving your sheep down towards the hay. They need to have their own square.
While moving the sheep, you need combinations etc to gather the amount of crops you need too.
If you don't manage to move the bull the first time, wait until the logs have gone around again, but this was the best solution that I tried.


  1. I moved my second black sheep to hay and it stayed on the board? I got ripped off.

    1. Just to clarify....did you move one black sheep at a time? As if you move two black sheep onto hay only the first one will eat the hay meaning you need to find another hay square for the second.