Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Level 1214

18 Moves (changed since release and again to make easier now)
40 Apples
40 Carrots
40 Onions
40 Strawberries
What a humdinger of a level! Yesterday I played it and got NOWHERE. I ended up passing by throwing several boosters at it I was not a happy bunny! Today, a couple of tries and I passed it to make the below video. So I came to the conclusion. If you don't win its not always your fault. If the game doesn't want you to win. You won't and that is that.
The water buckets are a pain as we don't need to collect it, it just swallows up crops.
The only way to beat this level, combinations, +5 rows, shovels and you NEED to make your crops cascade, remove a row and they fall into a row. So always check the crops above to see if it is possible before you make a row.

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