Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Level 1212

15 Moves (revised)
4 Fireflies
1 Spider
8 Oysters
90 Water drops
Open the flies as quickly as you can in few moves. Lay your crops horizontally against as many as you can but try to keep them together. If you get 3 lit next to each other, its easier to get the last one.
I may cheat a little mostly, well its not a cheat as such, but if I just need one to light, its easier to use a shovel than make a row to do it and risk losing the already lit ones.
The hitter companion is extremely useful here! 
Break the spider webs and then make as many rows of water as you can to activate the companion and keep doing so. They will then help hit oysters for you, sometimes useful, sometimes not, but they often are if you just made a match next to some and opened them the first stage. The companion often finishes two for you.
If you can make the rows of drops on the grass even better, and hopefully you will get some water drops that line up for 5 in a row :)

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