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Level 1240

14 Moves 2 Poppy Flowers 1 Spider 120 Apples 120 Carrots An easier one than the last level :) You have two ways of getting the bull. Move it down and to the right twice. Or move it to the right, it will stop on the ice. Either wait for a firecracker to break the ice or use a shovel. But then you will probably need to move left and then move right again to get to the corner and in position for the last poppy before moving down. Personally I think the first option is easier. Once the poppies have gone you have more chance of freeing the spider. He has a spare nest and you are now running out of moves. Again as always you need combinations and maybe use a shovel to get rid of any crops in the way so you can make your matches and free the spider. Wherever you make your rows try to make them so some crops are on the grass for instant points.

Level 1239

17 Moves 50 Strawberries 50 Suns 50 Water drops 50 Onions The hardest level of this episode.  You don't need to collect any mushrooms but you will find on this sparce board, that they outweigh the crops. So to get anywhere you need to concentrate on the onions (Any companion that throws onions is a big help here) while making as many rows of mushrooms as you can. Even if it makes more of them as they will match themselves when they grow. You need to try to clear the board but at the very least, shuffle them off to one side so that you can avoid them.  You will find as you are busy doing all that you will gather a lot of the other crops without realising. Save shovels until towards the end then you can grab any higher point single crops, or make a decent row by removing a crop out of the way.  Watch the video for help on what the tips are trying to explain :)

Level 1238

25 Moves 2 Fireflies 10 Mushrooms 25 Water drops 60 Suns Start by moving the fireflies then you can get to the water. Once they are gone, make as much water as you can which will hopefully jump up and break the iced crops freeing the mushroom. Once you have liberated him, make rows next to him until you have your 10 needed. While making as many possible rows as you can next to your water buckets, keep an eye out for suns. Always grab the row of suns first with any points on for easiness. They are harder to get.

Level 1237

16 Moves 1 Spider 4 Flowers 150 Carrots 90 Water drops Keep making rows next to your water buckets. At the same time watch for the crops next to the spider to free him. He has empty nests to go to. As far as I can see its water drops that surround the spider when the game loads up so making water will hopefully splash over to him and break the webs for you. You then need to make rows between or against the flowers to open them and get them out the way. Again use the crops rotating around the board to match with the crops already on the board. Make crops cascade (I know I say this often but it works!) and match on grass for speedier points.

Level 1236 **Rancid**

In less than 15 moves you need to hit rancid the racoon with 400 Carrots and Apples You need to save as many moves as you can to earn higher stars if you want to unlock the next roadblock without needing to ask friends so remember your shovels. Careful use of shovels earlier in the game can save you moves later. We have an apple eating frog (boo hiss) which makes things harder. Try not to set him off as much as you can. We also have the super annoying rabbit who everyone hates! Eating carrots as he goes.  We have rotating crops on logs, use them to make matches as they turn. If you can make rows of +5 even if they hit the frog, make them as it will add extra points and clear all that crop type meaning more crops will fall and hopefully settle into some rows as well.

Level 1235

15 Moves 4 Dragons 75 Carrots  75 Suns Rob the thieving rabbit is back to foil your plans. Luckily for us we can stun him making a match next to him, so let him spend more time knocked out than robbing. You need combinations to make a row of as many crops as you can, which will then lead to matches behind the ones you work on first. Lots of falling eggs, so plan carefully and you will achieve everything you need. I did it without companions and my boards are not usually the best, so I am sure you can too. Some board will work better than others.

Level 1234

11 Moves 1 Spider 1 Sheep 75 Apples 75 Water drops Under all the webs is a log system sitting on the river and that is how you will break some of the webs. As the crops rotate they will hopefully match up with webbed crops. You need to free the spider and send him through the other two empty nests before he vacates the board. Luckily you only need two types of crops so watch the crops on logs carefully and try to set them up so as the logs move they will rotate and make a row. If you can move the sheep down it will help with the spider in the top nest but isn't necessary. Guide the sheep to the hay and make as many matches on grass.

Level 1233

11 Moves 4 Fireflies 80 Water drops 1 Flower 120 Carrots The first thing you need to do on this level is break the ice, so make as many matches as you can next to the water bucket and hope some lands where it should to break it. The easier levels are the ones with less moves, but they are always tricky so don't expect it to be too easy. When the ice is broke, try to light the flies at the bottom first before the top ones. The top ones are really easy to get but they often get switched off again. Once the flies are gone, keep making as many matches as you can by the water bucket while gathering carrots and try to get as much water on the board as you can to flood it to get new crops fall which will in turn knock the water.

Level 1232

18 Moves 1 Black Sheep 150 Carrots 135 Suns 135 Water drops To get the sheep to the other side you need to use the log that will swim past. The only crops that fall are the ones you need which means there are no other ones to stop your points adding up. Once your sheep is home try to make as many matches as you can on the grass.

Level 1231

20 Moves 100 Apples 100 Strawberries 4 Poppy Flowers 40 Mushrooms Open the flowers to give yourself more room before anything else. You should get more mushrooms falling down where you need them, because you need to make a row with the webbed ones. If not, you could always use a shovel to break the webs, It doesn't matter if grumpy crops open the flowers, the quicker they open the better and then once again match as many as you can, make combinations and +5 rows if you can to gather the crops you need.

Level 1230

18 Moves 1 Spider 235 Carrots 235 Strawberries 235 Water drops Free the spider throughout his various webs until he has been removed. You don't need me to remind you how to move him, you know by now.  Make as many matches as you can on the grass then it will gather you extra points. You need combinations and you need to cascade crops. No nasty hiding beasts like the rabbit and the only none needed crop falling are the suns, so its not too hard to not get the points. Companions may help you here :)

Level 1229

18 Moves 2 Flowers 4 Poppy Flowers 80 Carrots 80 Suns The two bulls both need to be moved to the right to get the first two poppies. Its up to you how you get the last two. Either way the flowers need to be removed. You can either use one bull, move to between the last two then move him up and down (or reverse) or move the upper bull to the top, and the lower bull down then you can just move them both to the right. Personally I wouldn't worry just yet, get the first two out of the way and see where the crops lead you, This level seemed kinder to me for falling crops, hopefully it will for you too. As the crops fall down they will add points on and if you can match them on the grass even better.

Level 1228

20 Moves 8 Fireflies 4 Oysters 125 Onions 125 Suns This level is best if you start with opening the fireflies and as you do that, you should remove the oysters. Once they are both out of the way then make as many matches as you can on the grass. Luckily we don't need too many  if the crops cascade you will gather them all. Save as many moves as you can for crop removal though!

Level 1227

19 Moves 2 Flowers 90 Strawberries 90 Suns 5 Chicks This level relies on a lot of luck. Start at the bottom of the board where you can, you need to encourage crops to fall past the flowers, hopefully opening them on the way. I used a companion on my video, hopefully you can do it without. You will have to sacrifice some crops to the grumps just to open your flowers. It cannot be avoided. You have to rely on the crops that might fall to make your rows.

Level 1226

12 Moves 14 Oysters 100 Strawberries 100 Carrots 100 Water drops Lay rows of crops against more than one oyster. You need to plan moves in advance so that when the first row falls and opens the oysters the second one falls into place and removes them. Only by doing this will you complete all requirements for this level. Once they are out of the way you can make rows on the grass for extra points. Use shovels where you can and companions help (booo)

Level 1224

16 Moves 20 Oysters 140 Apples 140 Suns 75 Water drops We need to break the ice to get to the oysters. Try all the companions, see which you like best.  Use combinations when making rows to try to break more than one block of ice, or make a row in two directions. You should have plenty of chances for +5 rows here, Use them even if its not your needed crop as it will encourage more crops to fall. Start with the ice and oysters and make as many rows that combine everything at once as you can.

Level 1223

14 Moves 1 Spider 4 Flowers 240 Onions 240 Strawberries This is a level you really DO NOT need companions for, so save your beans. As is usual with flowers, lay your rows against as many as you can, or in between them. You have two options with the spider. 1) Break the webs and free him, make rows next to the water buckets..or.. 2) Move him to the web above which is surrounded by iced water, break the bottom right iced corner, which will slide into the free space, breaking ice then making a row leaving you free to gathering the other two crops. It doesn't matter about matching on the grass, you will get so many crops fall that you will automatically have points added on as long as you watch for possible rows of 5 crops, and use every combination shape you can when making rows.

Level 1222

12 Moves 4 Spiders 3 Fireflies 110 Apples It was a fun level until they removed moves. The four spiders don't have spare nests, so once you have moved them from where they sit now, they have gone :) You can easily move the fireflies, and at this point in time, you don't need to take the sheep to the hay, unless it was a mistake they made and they change it. I only just realised that as I made the guide :P You will need to move them out of the way though to get the spiders.

Level 1221 **Rancid**

This Rancid is hard to get more than one star! You need to collect 251 Apples, Carrots, Water drops or Strawberries in 12 moves. The logs are already grassed but we need to grow more to help ourselves. Try to make grass patches together so that when rows are ready to be made, they don't have one crop that lands in the slime and spoils it all. You need cascading crops to add points and as always with Rancid, the more moves you have left, the more stars you gain. I think for now I will be content with just one :P video coming soon

Level 1220

15 Moves 3 Fireflies 2 Oysters 200 Carrots 95 Mushrooms You need to move the oysters first to get to the fireflies on the right. To get to the one on the left you need to break the iced mushrooms. you do this by making matches next to the mushrooms to get them to spread, so make rows to the side of them so they keep dropping down towards the iced ones. Once they are gone you can concentrate more on the crops. The hardest part will be the mushrooms, so although you need a lot of carrots, keep making rows next to as many mushrooms as you can to spread them all over the board.  Collect as many +5 rows as you can, not only will it bring you extra points but there are bound to be mushrooms near the removed crops too, so as new ones fall they will help spread the fungi! video coming

Level 1219

11 Moves (changed!) 35 Firecrackers 80 Mushrooms 100 Strawberries 8 Dragons You need a lot of luck with this level.  I used the igniter Companion when the level worked (it had issues at the time of writing). For this I collected as many strawberries as I could while making as many rows as I could next to the firecrackers. You have to leave spaces for your mushrooms to spread, but hopefully the firecrackers will crack eggs for you too. **Note our video has more crops and less moves but will do for now while I change the other 1000 levels :P **

Level 1218

12 Moves 20 Oysters 135 Strawberries 135 Water drops 135 Carrots Companions do help here, although I didn't need them to open oysters they seemed to make the board lay out better and its one of those levels you will either do it or not if it decides to let you. Make rows next to the oysters, they are actually pretty easy to open. You need a lot of crops though so remember combinations and +5 rows and the fact that you can remove an opened oyster with a shovel too. VIDEO COMING

Level 1217

16 Moves 3 Poppy Flowers 100 Onions 100 Suns  2 Sheep See if you can line up the crops so that you move the bull straight down towards the first poppy. From there you can move him right to the next, down then to the left to get the final one. At the same time be moving your sheep down towards the hay. They need to have their own square. While moving the sheep, you need combinations etc to gather the amount of crops you need too. If you don't manage to move the bull the first time, wait until the logs have gone around again, but this was the best solution that I tried.

Level 1216

14 Moves 35 Suns 35 Water Drops 85 Apples 85 Carrots I think the water is hardest to get here despite the water buckets.  You do have water bombs which means that you need to make water jump up to above the ice and make a row to break the ice and get the bombs. With any luck it will also make a +5 row meaning you remove the other water bombs too. You need to add points on to your crops by making combinations. Always grab the higher points rows first. Make as many of your rows around the water buckets so that it makes your water. You only need 40 but as I said earlier, its the hardest to get. video coming

Level 1214

18 Moves (changed since release and again to make easier now) 40 Apples 40 Carrots 40 Onions 40 Strawberries What a humdinger of a level! Yesterday I played it and got NOWHERE. I ended up passing by throwing several boosters at it I was not a happy bunny! Today, a couple of tries and I passed it to make the below video. So I came to the conclusion. If you don't win its not always your fault. If the game doesn't want you to win. You won't and that is that. The water buckets are a pain as we don't need to collect it, it just swallows up crops. The only way to beat this level, combinations, +5 rows, shovels and you NEED to make your crops cascade, remove a row and they fall into a row. So always check the crops above to see if it is possible before you make a row.

Level 1215

10 Moves (level change since release) 6 Flowers 60 Apples 60 Water drops 115 Strawberries You have two ways of completing this level, you can keep making rows among your flowers and hope you get cascading crops that will build points up on apples and water, but you avoid the frogs, or you can make your rows on the grass which will make crops fall down and as they do they open the flowers. Both ways seem to work or not. The flower opening companion is meant to throw apples, I am sure mine didn't, but it didn't really get time to open the flowers either so it is up to you which you use if any.  Just make sure you use combinations and always collect the higher point rows first.

Level 1213

12 Moves (changed since release) 10 Flowers 150 Apples 150 Onions 150 Strawberries What I like best about this type of level, no other crops fall which means you are guaranteed some good combinations and cascading crops which means points. The only advantage of slime, they open flowers just as well as healthy crops do. Start at the bottom, again where you can, use slimed crops if you need to and remove most of the flowers. You should find as you make rows on the grass the other flowers will be opened too leaving you to concentrate on crop gathering. Use shovels where they are most helpful, combinations and then sit back and watch your crops fall.

Level 1212

15 Moves (revised) 4 Fireflies 1 Spider 8 Oysters 90 Water drops Open the flies as quickly as you can in few moves. Lay your crops horizontally against as many as you can but try to keep them together. If you get 3 lit next to each other, its easier to get the last one. I may cheat a little mostly, well its not a cheat as such, but if I just need one to light, its easier to use a shovel than make a row to do it and risk losing the already lit ones. The hitter companion is extremely useful here!  Break the spider webs and then make as many rows of water as you can to activate the companion and keep doing so. They will then help hit oysters for you, sometimes useful, sometimes not, but they often are if you just made a match next to some and opened them the first stage. The companion often finishes two for you. If you can make the rows of drops on the grass even better, and hopefully you will get some water drops that line up for 5 in a row :)

Level 1211

12 Moves (level changed after release) 160 Carrots 160 Strawberries 160 Suns 12 Flowers Make as many matches as you can at the bottom of the board to encourage crops to fall down and hopefully open other flowers. As with all the other flower levels, make rows in between, under, above, touch as many of the flowers as you can in each row. Once most of the flowers are out of the way you should find you can match up on the grass for points, and your falling crops will open the remaining flowers.