Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Level 1207

21 Moves
3 Black Sheep
65 Strawberries
65 Suns
65 Water drops
Urgh! This one started out as fun. I did well, thought I could do better, so then spent days playing to get a decent video after I deleted the first. Don't worry if you do it and take longer, I was under pressure. And if you did it quicker, then go away :P lol.
You need to take the sheep over to the hay squares which are hidden under the ice. if you are clever, you can make combinations that move the sheep and break ice at the same time.
Actually moving the sheep isn't so bad, despite the fact that each sheep will eat the hay it lands on. The worst part of this level is crop gathering, so use combinations and careful planning plus shovels and companions and you will pass.

video to follow

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