Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Level 1205

19 Moves
100 Apples
100 Suns
100 Strawberries
4 Flowers
You do get some water drops fall onto the board so you don't need to break the ice just yet, although you may find you need to, to get the last seed.
Make the seed and water drops lie next to each other so that you can swap them over and grow your flowers.
Until the frog is released from the ice, you are safe, but you don't need to collect any water other than what you need to grow the flowers so its not a problem. The most problem you will have is that he lands his fat bottom on a crop you are planning on moving.
Once you have made your flowers, or even before or during, make as many rows of your crops as you can on the grass so that they gather extra points on each match. Then you won't need to gather as many to get to your 100 of each crop,

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