Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Level 1203

17 Moves
3 Poppies
135 Carrots
135 Onions
135 Strawberries
You have two main ways to get the bull to hit the poppies this time. Either works, just go with whichever way the crops line up easier for you as in the pictures.

In between that you will need to grab all of the crops that you need to collect to beat this level and in as little moves as possible. I used 7 moves on each bull above, assuming that the crops were in the correct places. You may find they won't be, so while moving crops around to move the bull, try to be gathering the ones you need to get. 
Combinations, matching on grass and of course the +5 rows and you should be able to complete with a little practice. 

video to follow


  1. You are SO helpful! Whenever I’ve tried on my own for several tries and failed, I always google you to help me figure it out. Just wanted to say thanks!

    1. Oh that is so lovely to hear! Thank you for the feedback! Its always good to hear that we are helping people :D