Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Level 1197

15 Moves
90 Water drops
90 Onions
90 Strawberries
This level is marked as hard and it certainly is. You might want to use those saved boosters but only if you think using them will make you pass the level.
You need to make matches next to the water buckets but you also need to make the crops cascade as much as you possibly can so that every row you make has some nice extra points on.
Make combinations and any possible rows of 5 crops.
If you can, try to avoid setting off the frog, but its probably realistic to assume that he will be in your way through most of the level. If you do move them, just try to ignore them as best as you can.
The water drops are actually the hardest ones to get, if you have made your crops fall and fall, you need to make as many matches against the buckets as you can.

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