Level 1195

23 Moves (changed level)
3 Dragons
65 Carrots
65 Strawberries
65 Carrots
In the final level of this episode its been changed and now made harder at the time of writing this :(
You know what the airdrop boosters are for, they drop several of whichever crop you swap them with.
And you can see lots of eggs sitting around.
The trick with this level, isn't to crack open all the eggs. That would be boring....but break the iced crop sitting under the airdrops. Then you need to make a cracked egg as close to the airdrop booster as you can! If you have one just out of reach above, then use a shovel to drop it down. 
Why do we need to do that? Well this is where the fun part is. Instead of cracking eggs over and over again, by swapping the cracked egg with the booster you will get many cracked eggs dropped! And if you get one land near your other booster, do the same again, swap a cracked egg with it and the same will happen.
You should get some landing near each other to make the dragon, meaning you will have very little opening eggs.
Match the rest of your crops on the grass where you can and there will be enough points to get more stars (assuming you collect stars)

video coming soon


  1. I have 5 dragons to collect?

    1. They increased amounts :( Will update thanks.

  2. 3 dragons to collect on this date. Thanks for the cracked eggs tip, will try that.


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