Level 1193

14 Moves
9 Flowers
80 Water drops 
150 Carrots
15 Firecrackers
Having played this level many many times. I have come to the conclusion that if you use the companions, sometimes they make it easier. It seems to be that sometimes you get a much better board if you activate them than if you don't, and I didn't realise until someone told me, it sets itself differently depending on which companion you use. Personally I found the igniter companion was a great help here, once activated they jump everywhere and often land on the flowers.
Don't bother making rows next to the flowers. Leave them to the companion you use, if they don't open them, you wouldn't have beaten the level anyway as moves would have been wasted opening them.
Set as many firecrackers off as you can. I didn't even realise the first day I played it was a requirement (I really should read what I need to collect before I start playing) so you set them off as much as you can and you will get above the 15 you need. 
And finally, make as many of your rows as you can so that some of the crops are on the grass, meaning instant extra points.
Just watch out for grumpy crops putting an end to the rows. You only get suns other than the crops you need so you shouldn't have a problem getting the crops as long as you play carefully and don't rush it.

video coming soon


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