Level 1192

19 Moves
10 Flowers
2 Spiders
170 Apples
170 Strawberries
The flowers are being protected behind a wall of webs.
You have two options. Use a shovel to break a web and make a row if the crops are in the right place or make rows next to your firecrackers. Once they explode they will hopefully land on the webs for you.
Either way, again you need to take advantage of the firecrackers, use as many as you can. 
As soon as you have an opening, move the spiders. Luckily neither of them have any spare nests to jump into.
And then once they are out of the way, you need to make your rows next to as many flowers as you can, while still using the firecrackers. The more flowers you open in a move, the less moves you need. 
You need a lot of crops, so match the higher points crops first.

video coming soon


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