Sunday, 10 January 2016

Level 1189

The simplest way to get the bull to hit the poppies: Line up your crops so you can move him to the right, once the poppy has been hit, move him back to the left. Unfortunately where he stops, you will not be able to move him straight up to the top of the board, so you need to move him back to the left. Line up your crops so that he goes up, then to the right, then back left to the final poppy. You can do the top poppy first, just do it all backwards then.
Line the crops against the flowers so that the rows tuck into the corners as the corner ones are always harder to pick. They are not so hard to get, especially if you use a companion that helps open them.
Cascading crops, +5 rows and combinations of crops will get you the amounts required.
This level CAN be done without using companions though, you might just have to rely on waiting for a good board.

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