Sunday, 10 January 2016

Level 1186

16 Moves
3 Fireflies
75 Carrots
75 Strawberries
75 Suns
Those darn fireflies. They are on, off, on, off more than King decide to mess with their levels. The best way as always to tackle them is to open the ones at the bottom. Unfortunately I found no matter how careful you were, there was always one crop that made a row in the wrong place and turned them off again. If you get 3 lit and even the last one pre-lit, use a shovel to finish it and remove them all.
You need to make the crops cascade so that they match themselves. We only get 12 moves and by the time we have got rid of the fireflies, we haven't many left.
All the crops are in play on the board, so they interfere with the crop gathering. But I always think the more moves the level has, the worse it is, so there is hope :)


  1. very hard I don't know if I will continue this game

  2. I don't understand how this level is played!?! There are no fireflies on my board....wth??

    1. Hi, I just checked this against my game. Unfortunately it is still showing as that layout on my board, complete with fireflies. Until it changes, I cannot change it. Very often King change levels, but they do not always change everyones at the same time. Or sometimes they change on mobile/tablet but not for pc for many months. It is a possibility this time if you are playing on a tablet/phone. Hopefully at some point soon they will change it.