Saturday, 16 January 2016

Level 1175

17 Moves
14 Flowers
2 Poppies
35 Water drops
125 Suns
The bull needs to be moved up then down to get the poppies, they are quite easy as long as the crops are in the correct place.
This actually is a fun level and pretty easy too. 
Make as many rows of suns and water drops as you can between the flowers.
Its handy to make a little grass, but don't focus on this as you will lose moves. If you get a water drop next to a grass seed though then its ok to make it. It will help.
You basically need to make crops cascade to get the points on them, use the grass squares that are already on the board and always make rows out of the crops with points on first.
Whenever you make rows next to your flowers to open them, touch as many as you can to speed things up so that you open more in less moves.

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