Saturday, 16 January 2016

Level 1173

18 Moves
3 Dragons
16 Firecrackers
95 Carrots
95 Onions
You need firecrackers as part of your requirements but they are also really helpful here too.
I think I am correct in saying you don't get any more fall until you remove at least one, once they start falling they will be in a better position for you.
As usual, make as many rows against as many of them as you can so that you set more than one off at a time. Hopefully they will land on the eggs for you. 
You only need two dragons, so need to swap a lot of eggs and only have 17 moves to do everything in. Gather all crops with high points on first before other matches or they will vanish.


  1. Now 95 carrots and onions, 3 dragons and 16 firecrackers :o( But at least we get one more move!