Saturday, 16 January 2016

Level 1167

12 Moves
155 Onions
155 Suns
155 Water drops
5 Poppies
If you move the bull to the right he is in line for the one under him. You could then either move him to the top, over to the left, or straight to the left, then in both cases down, so the bull ends up between the last two poppies, then you can just move left and right. That is the easier way.
Its always good when the only crops that fall are the ones you need to collect. It means you are guaranteed lots of cascading crops if you play carefully, and will be able to get lots of points on your crops which you need to grab all the amounts needed.
Although it seems as though you don't have enough moves, the larder levels are actually the ones with a lot of moves, you just need luck.

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