Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Level 1155

14 Moves
1 Chick
220 Onions
220 Strawberries
220 Suns
This is labelled a hard level and it certainly is. In my opinion at some point, maybe not soon, but at some point they will change it. 14 moves is not enough.
Anyway, you need one chick, its quite easy to get the other egg. Just make matches next to the chicken who will at some point either lay enough eggs in the right place to make the row with your cracked eggs already on the board, or lay a nice fresh one just above that you can crack with a shovel and move down.
The problem is the crops. You need to make as many rows, combinations, cascading crops and any possible rows of 5 crops as you can and that is the only way you will beat it. And use companions. Sometimes you get a better board simply by electing to activate the companion, even if you rarely use it.


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  1. They changed it all right - to 250 of each crop. Not happy.