Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Level 1154

12 Moves
125 Carrots
125 Apples
125 Strawberries
125 Suns
As soon as this board opens, assuming you have sound on, you know its going to be tricky by the sound of the snowballs settling.
As always you need plenty of crops falling and matching themselves on this level. Hopefully some of those near the moved snowballs so that you can break them and carry on making rows. 
This IS a tricky level. I don't care what they say with their lack of a red face on the board. It looks easy, but thanks to the snowballs, its not quite as easy and also the other large obstacle.. 
The main reason being Rob the rabbit. Use a shovel on his head to stun him, if nothing else it makes you feel better :D


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