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Level 1210

21Moves (changed since first released) 5 Chicks 90 Apples 90 Strawberries 90 Water drops This level is a level that you either pass well with 3 stars, or you don't pass. No in between. If you don't seem to be getting to the cracked eggs, use shovels here and there.  Make combinations to break the ice as well as line crops up elsewhere, there are planty of eggs around so get cracking with them. Watch carefully for any possible rows of 5 crops. They not only give extra points but also clear the board for more crops to fall.

Level 1209

26 Moves 2 Poppies 75 Strawberries 4 Flowers 75 Water drops You need to clear the flowers to get to the poppies. The flower opening companion is helpful here. Then you need to move the bulls as in the picture. You have two ways of moving as indicated by the different colour arrows. Once the poppies are gone, try to shuffle the bulls over to one side then you have more room to gather crops on the grass. You do NEED combinations and cascading crops here and very careful crop moving as it is not easy to get all the crops you need otherwise. video to follow

Level 1208

29 Moves 4 Dragons 140 Carrots 140 Onions 140 Water drops Set off as many firecrackers as you can and this one isn't such a bad level.  Make combinations everywhere you can, you need them.  Make rows on grass where you can for instant extra points. You seem to get a lot of eggs, so between all of the above, you should get cracking fairly quickly :D

Level 1207

21 Moves 3 Black Sheep 65 Strawberries 65 Suns 65 Water drops Urgh! This one started out as fun. I did well, thought I could do better, so then spent days playing to get a decent video after I deleted the first. Don't worry if you do it and take longer, I was under pressure. And if you did it quicker, then go away :P lol. You need to take the sheep over to the hay squares which are hidden under the ice. if you are clever, you can make combinations that move the sheep and break ice at the same time. Actually moving the sheep isn't so bad, despite the fact that each sheep will eat the hay it lands on. The worst part of this level is crop gathering, so use combinations and careful planning plus shovels and companions and you will pass. video to follow

Level 1206 **Rancid**

We have 16 moves to gather 320 Apples, Carrots, Onions and Water drops in. but remember, if you are aiming for 3 stars, you need to defeat him before you have used the last few. Make a lot of water by making rows next to the buckets, but the other crops can be used too. Make some grass, two or three carefully placed seed can mean that quite a large piece of board is grassed so that the slime is removed and you get the points. Save shovels until places that are going to be really helpful. As you can use 3, they are in effect 3 extra moves for you. Also making water jump out will also mean that it might land on some unhealthy crops, changing them to clean too. video to follow

Level 1205

19 Moves 100 Apples 100 Suns 100 Strawberries 4 Flowers You do get some water drops fall onto the board so you don't need to break the ice just yet, although you may find you need to, to get the last seed. Make the seed and water drops lie next to each other so that you can swap them over and grow your flowers. Until the frog is released from the ice, you are safe, but you don't need to collect any water other than what you need to grow the flowers so its not a problem. The most problem you will have is that he lands his fat bottom on a crop you are planning on moving. Once you have made your flowers, or even before or during, make as many rows of your crops as you can on the grass so that they gather extra points on each match. Then you won't need to gather as many to get to your 100 of each crop,

Level 1204

16 Moves (changed) 1 spider 1 Flower 80 Water drops Break the web, move the spider, that's the first part.  Make as many rows as you can next to the water buckets to get water to jump over towards the spider and his web, but you will also need to match up to the crop that is webbed as well if its not water. Remove him and take as many webs as you can with him, then keep making water until a drop lands just above the flower seed.  Make the flower, make rows near it to grow then pick it. Keep making rows next to your buckets to make the water jump out and hopefully some of it will make its own rows and remove itself for you, saving you moves.

Level 1203

17 Moves 3 Poppies 135 Carrots 135 Onions 135 Strawberries You have two main ways to get the bull to hit the poppies this time. Either works, just go with whichever way the crops line up easier for you as in the pictures. In between that you will need to grab all of the crops that you need to collect to beat this level and in as little moves as possible. I used 7 moves on each bull above, assuming that the crops were in the correct places. You may find they won't be, so while moving crops around to move the bull, try to be gathering the ones you need to get.  Combinations, matching on grass and of course the +5 rows and you should be able to complete with a little practice.  video to follow

Level 1202

15 Moves (changed) 1 Spider 8 Flowers 180 Suns 180 Water drops Try not to open all the flowers before you have moved the spiders, then he has less crops to web. Of course you won't be able to do that with all of them as the webs are behind them and chances are that the crops will open them themselves as they fall down. Plan rows so that as you match them, the crops behind will fall into place and make another row for you. Always gather the rows with the most crops on first for better points.  You might need lots of shovels since they changed it from 22 moves! 

Level 1201

As some of the fireflies are buried at the bottom, don't worry about them just yet. Concentrate on opening the flowers. See if you can make rows vertically between them so you start opening 3 at once. If not, at least lay them horizontally over at least two. You need cascading crops to help you along and hopefully as you move through the level clearing the board, you will get some +5 rows that you can make too.

Level 1200

19 Moves 90 Apples 90 Strawberries 90 Water drops 4 Chicks Congratulations you made it! You are in the 1200 club! Will it be easier from here? It remains to be seen. Use the crops on your logs to make your rows, set them up carefully so as they turn, they will make a row. The hitter companion works nicely here meaning you don't need to worry about making rows next to them so much, although you mostly will as its a small board. Watch carefully for possible +5 rows and use combinations wherever you can. Again its a board with only needed crops on and there is grass, so you should be able to get plenty of points.

Level 1199

19 Moves 4 Sheep 100 Apples 100 Suns 55 Water drops The simplest way to tackle this level, make a seed turn into hay on the log and hopefully the crops will shuffle then a seed will drop onto the log and then you can make the hay square in a better place for you. If you can get the hay under where the sheep starts (but at the bottom of the board) then you only need to lead the sheep down to the bottom and it makes things easier. Although if you do end up with it on the log its not the end of the world, you can still pass it. Happily for us the crops that are on the board are the ones we need to collect. This is good because it means that you are more likely to get lots of points on your crop matches. video to follow

Level 1198

15 Moves 85 Apples 85 Strawberries 6 Flowers 18 Firecrackers Don't worry about opening the flowers, just make as many firecrackers explode as you can. You need 18 but its so easy to concentrate on setting them off that you should do it easily. Match up more of the crops you need rather than the ones you don't as you only have 15 moves to complete. The advantage of firecrackers mean they open flowers as well as open crops which is why I suggest you concentrate on them. You cannot use a lot of the grass to make points as it rotates on the logs but if you get the end of a row on there, it will help pointwise.

Level 1197

15 Moves 90 Water drops 90 Onions 90 Strawberries This level is marked as hard and it certainly is. You might want to use those saved boosters but only if you think using them will make you pass the level. You need to make matches next to the water buckets but you also need to make the crops cascade as much as you possibly can so that every row you make has some nice extra points on. Make combinations and any possible rows of 5 crops. If you can, try to avoid setting off the frog, but its probably realistic to assume that he will be in your way through most of the level. If you do move them, just try to ignore them as best as you can. The water drops are actually the hardest ones to get, if you have made your crops fall and fall, you need to make as many matches against the buckets as you can.

Level 1196

15 Moves (changed) 4 Flowers 3 Fireflies 2 Spiders 100 Strawberries You have plenty of moves and yet not enough if you don't use them wisely. You need to cascade the crops so that they break webs which is the easier part.  The hardest part is opening the fireflies. Try to make a row that will touch more than one. The companions do help here, especially the flower growing one as its one less thing to worry about. You won't be able to open the fireflies straight away due to all the webs so concentrate on moving the spider and his traps. At the same time when you have any possible rows of strawberries, always pick the ones with the highest points on first.

Level 1151

10 Moves Requirements: 2 Fireflies 100 Apples 100 Onions 100 Strawberries To get to the fireflies, really the ice needs to be broken first. Unfortunately there is slime here but there is also grass so that it cancels the slime out as long as the crops land on it.  Grumpy crops also can make a firefly open, but if you need just one more hit, you can also use a shovel too. Sometimes its a good idea as it stops other crops falling and putting out the flies lights. Once they have flown away gather as many crops as you can on the grass to get extra numbers. We only have 10 moves but if you plan carefully and use those moves wisely you can complete the level. And the companions help this time too. VIDEO COMING

Level 1152

20 Moves Requirements: 100 Carrots 100 Strawberries 100 Water drops 100 Suns There are patches of grass here which do help but you need to make as many rows as you can towards the snowball patches so that you try to keep the balls from falling down. Unfortunately we also have slime patches which mean if the crops hang around, they land in them. You need to make crops cascade so that they can burst snowballs themselves along with landing in ready made rows to gather all the crops you need in the moves. VIDEO COMING

Level 1153

20 Moves Requirements: 12 Firecrackers 3 Flowers 100 Strawberries 80 Water drops The only way the nasty frog is set off this level, is if a firecracker hits it so it is completely random. You need to make water so that you can activate the flower seeds . You need to collect 12 firecrackers, but in reality, its a good idea to make as many rows as you can next to them to make them explode anyway. They collect crops and hit water buckets so the only disadvantage is the frog. If the frog eats crops, just keep making them fall as much as you can for the points count.

Level 1154

12 Moves Requirements: 125 Carrots 125 Apples 125 Strawberries 125 Suns As soon as this board opens, assuming you have sound on, you know its going to be tricky by the sound of the snowballs settling. As always you need plenty of crops falling and matching themselves on this level. Hopefully some of those near the moved snowballs so that you can break them and carry on making rows.  This IS a tricky level. I don't care what they say with their lack of a red face on the board. It looks easy, but thanks to the snowballs, its not quite as easy and also the other large obstacle..  The main reason being Rob the rabbit. Use a shovel on his head to stun him, if nothing else it makes you feel better :D VIDEO COMING

Level 1155

14 Moves Requirements: 1 Chick 220 Onions 220 Strawberries 220 Suns This is labelled a hard level and it certainly is. In my opinion at some point, maybe not soon, but at some point they will change it. 14 moves is not enough. Anyway, you need one chick, its quite easy to get the other egg. Just make matches next to the chicken who will at some point either lay enough eggs in the right place to make the row with your cracked eggs already on the board, or lay a nice fresh one just above that you can crack with a shovel and move down. The problem is the crops. You need to make as many rows, combinations, cascading crops and any possible rows of 5 crops as you can and that is the only way you will beat it. And use companions. Sometimes you get a better board simply by electing to activate the companion, even if you rarely use it. VIDEO COMING

Level 1156

14 Moves Requirements: 2 Sheep 4 Flowers 120 Apples 120 Strawberries Use shovels here to drop crops to open your flowers if you have that chance. That way your sheep won't move. Otherwise as you are making rows near the flowers you will find them moving a lot. It doesn't really matter if you do move them a lot though. They just get in the way. Lots of grass for a lot of points, especially if you can make a row of 5 crops or T or L shaped rows. Once your flowers have been picked, lead the sheep to the hay. VIDEO COMING

Level 1157

15 Moves (changed, added crops removed moves) Requirements: 12 Flowers 80 Water drops 100 Strawberries 100 Apples Don't despair if you are struggling and your friends have larger scores, this level has been made much harder! Make rows hitting as many flowers as you can until they are cleared. Match next to the buckets to make the water and make your rows on the grass where you can so that you collect extra points. If you make a lot of water it will clear your board leaving more crops to fall . VIDEO COMING

Level 1158

16 Moves Requirements: 1 Spider 16 Flowers 200 Apples 200 Strawberries This level is labelled hard and it is since it was changed. The spider has two spare nests to go into. Your objective is to remove him as quickly as possible while opening flowers. Use the crops on the logs to match themselves up too as they rotate. The only way you will pass this level though, is you need to remember to plan carefully so that as crops are removed, the ones behind them will fall into place and make another row. The more cascading crops the better. Any combinations you can make also will help. Make as many rows against as many flowers as you can. It saves moves and don't forget your shovels. VIDEO COMING

Level 1159

18 Moves Requirements: 12 Flowers 100 Apples 100 Strawberries 50 Water drops Use the grumpy crops to help open your flowers. At least they are useful for something. Once the flowers are open, you will be able to match up your crops on the grass, cleaning them and getting points too. You will need to make rows next to the buckets too, but you only need 25 Water drops which is a lot better. VIDEO COMING

Level 1160

17 Moves Requirements: 50 Water drops 100 Apples 100 Strawberries 15 Firecrackers You won't be able to make any rows at all on the top half of the board, so everything depends on what matches you make at the bottom and which crops will come next. You need to make your matches against your water buckets, and firecrackers at the same time. You DO NOT need to collect the flowers, but the trouble is, if you don't open them, you have less space to move and cannot use all the grass for the points. Chances are though you will find as you are busy doing the rest that they will be opened as you are making matches or by the firecrackers. VIDEO COMING

Level 1161 **Rancid**

12 Moves Requirements: To beat Rancid we need 800 Water drops, Strawberries, Carrots and suns . To get at least two stars you need to beat him using as few moves as possible and that is where your shovels come in. Use them at points where if you remove a crop using one, the crop above will fall and make a new row for you.  You could even use them to break a web by the spider so that once the row is made next to him, you don't need to make another to remove him. Once the spider has gone, make as many combination rows as you can on the grass. You need +5 rows and you need to make your crops cascade to gather the amount you need. VIDEO COMING

Level 1162

16 Moves Requirements: 1 Spider 80 Water drops 100 Carrots You need to use the crops on the logs to break the spiders webs. Both with the first web and the other two spares. I would get the spider out as quickly as you can because once he moves onto the grass he will block up most of the water buckets. Try to do it in as little moves as possible, because you will need the moves to gather all the other crops you need. At least once on the grass you will have extra points on them. You also need to make as many rows as you can next to the buckets to get all the water drops you need. VIDEO COMING

Level 1163

21 Moves Requirements: 4 Flowers 12 Oysters 150 Suns 150 Water drops I would advise starting with breaking the ice, and then opening the lower oysters. That way you will hopefully get falling crops that will open the upper oysters. Just remember if you do start opening them that you have to make another row against them wherever you are or they will close again. You need also to open the flowers, use your crops on the logs to make rows. So watch them carefully to see what is coming up next. You can get points on your crops by making rows of them on the grass. VIDEO COMING

Level 1164

16 Moves 4 Poppies 10 Oysters 75 Onions 75 Strawberries Move the bulls down to get the poppies, across, up then back down. (watch the video if you are not quite sure what I mean) Once they are out of the way (or at least one each side) you can start clearing oysters. Try and hit as many as you can in each row but leave enough crops that you can make another row to completely make them go. Its frustrating when you open several then cannot remove them as you haven't got the correct crops! Plan carefully where your next move will be and take your time. Rows on the grass are better because of the extra points you gain.

Level 1165

22 Moves Requirements: 2 Chicks 100 Carrots 50 Water drops This level looked so familiar to me I am sure its been in the levels before but switched around. Perhaps I am wrong, but its a hard one anyway.  The chickens are hiding behind the ice which needs to be removed. You need to break the ice to get to the water buckets and they are the key to this level.  Make as much water as you can. Move the chickens around a lot so you have a lot of eggs on the board. Always gather the crops with high points first. Especially the carrots as you need more of them. If all else fails, shovels move chickens and crack eggs too. VIDEO COMING

Level 1166

14 Moves Requirements: 2 Spiders 82 Onions 82 Strawberries 82 Water drops The spiders have two spare nests to jump into.  We also have snowball making squares. Get a good board, a little luck and break the webs, gathering crops as you go. Luck is needed. You can do it!!

Level 1167

12 Moves Requirements: 155 Onions 155 Suns 155 Water drops 5 Poppies If you move the bull to the right he is in line for the one under him. You could then either move him to the top, over to the left, or straight to the left, then in both cases down, so the bull ends up between the last two poppies, then you can just move left and right. That is the easier way. Its always good when the only crops that fall are the ones you need to collect. It means you are guaranteed lots of cascading crops if you play carefully, and will be able to get lots of points on your crops which you need to grab all the amounts needed. Although it seems as though you don't have enough moves, the larder levels are actually the ones with a lot of moves, you just need luck.

Level 1168

We now have weeds on this level, make as many matches as you can against as many of them as you can to remove them and free the hiding chickens. It is a tricky level, but is possible. UPDATED VIDEO 30/3/2020

Level 1169

13 Moves Requirements: 3 Black Sheep 190 Onions 190 Strawberries 190 Suns 4 patches of hay, 3 black hay gobbling sheep and you can only move one onto each square of hay.  Break the ice using combinations of moves where you can for extra points but there is a lot of grass so it should be ok to get points if you can get your crops cascading. Try to combine crop gathering and the sheep moving.

Level 1170

22 Moves Requirements: 95 Carrots 25 Mushrooms 95 Onions 8 Flowers Mushrooms, bombs and frogs.The frogs eat the bombs so that's not so bad. As per usual, lay your rows against the flowers so you open a few each time. Unless you can make a row of 5 water bombs you will need to open the flowers to move the frogs so that they can start catching the bombs before they tick down to 0. Unfortunately this will also move your mushrooms. Try to avoid them as much as you can once you have your needed amounts, or they will take up all your crop room.

Level 1171

23 Moves Requirements: 2 Flowers 35 Onions 30 Water drops Break the ice, make rows next to your water buckets. Make your flowers once the water lands next to the seed. Use shovels to do one or the other or both if it helps and saves you from wasting moves trying to break the ice. Open your flowers and pick them and try to make as many crop combinations as you can. This is where rows of 5 will really help you.

Level 1172

17 Moves Requirements: 2 Sheep 115 Apples 115 Carrots 115 Onions Tricky but fun level.  Move the seeds down as far as you can, hopefully you will be able to make a vertical row of crops under them. The closer they are to the sheep, the less distance you need to walk them. You don't need to make several patches of hay, just one will do. The hardest part will be to get the sheep onto it. You do need combinations, careful planning and cascading crops to get all the crop numbers you need.

Level 1173

18 Moves Requirements: 3 Dragons 16 Firecrackers 95 Carrots 95 Onions You need firecrackers as part of your requirements but they are also really helpful here too. I think I am correct in saying you don't get any more fall until you remove at least one, once they start falling they will be in a better position for you. As usual, make as many rows against as many of them as you can so that you set more than one off at a time. Hopefully they will land on the eggs for you.  You only need two dragons, so need to swap a lot of eggs and only have 17 moves to do everything in. Gather all crops with high points on first before other matches or they will vanish.

Level 1174

17 Moves Requirements: 4 Flowers 95 Carrots 95 Onions This level isn't toooooo bad. Just make sure you make as many rows next to the flowers at the bottom of the screen to open them quickly. It doesn't matter if they are all grumpy crops, they are still good enough to open flowers and pick them for you :) Watch carefully for combinations to help with this. Can you make a row by moving one crop which will make another row straight after? The snowballs shouldn't be much of  a problem as long as you are quick and make rows on grass of the needed crops, which will also get you extra points too.

Level 1175

17 Moves Requirements: 14 Flowers 2 Poppies 35 Water drops 125 Suns The bull needs to be moved up then down to get the poppies, they are quite easy as long as the crops are in the correct place. This actually is a fun level and pretty easy too.  Make as many rows of suns and water drops as you can between the flowers. Its handy to make a little grass, but don't focus on this as you will lose moves. If you get a water drop next to a grass seed though then its ok to make it. It will help. You basically need to make crops cascade to get the points on them, use the grass squares that are already on the board and always make rows out of the crops with points on first. Whenever you make rows next to your flowers to open them, touch as many as you can to speed things up so that you open more in less moves.

Level 1176 **Rancid**

In 14 moves we need to throw 460 carrots as the rasically Racoon. Breaking the ice is a must to get to the carrots., the good news is, as we only need carrots, the frogs will eat the other crops, the bad news is the rabbit is back.  Stun him as many times as you can by making a match next to him (or hitting him with a shovel) and use combinations and any possible rows of 5 crops. Use shovels instead of some of your moves, the more moves you have left, the more stars you gain! VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1177

14 Moves Requirements: 10 Oysters 90 Strawberries 90 Onions 2 Fireflies The two fireflies here are quite tricky. My advice would be to ignore the oysters opening around them, if you can remove the fireflies then do so! As far as I can see you will never have more than 6 oysters on the board at once, so the only way to get more to fall, is to remove the ones you can see. You don't need me to tell you how to do that now, you know. Combinations and +5 moves will help from the points side of things though. This is a really fun level I thought. Hopefully you will too. VIDEO ON REQUEST

Level 1178

14 Moves Requirements: 50 Onions 50 Strawberries 50 Suns This is a pain of a level. You need to make water jump out to make the grass by combining the seed and the water drop. Try to get them in areas together as the more area you cover, the more grumpy crops will be caught in it. Once you get some crops that are clean, you need to make as many cascades and combinations as you can. This is an evil level :(

Level 1179

18 Moves Requirements: 3 Sheep 70 Apples 70 Onions This level is pretty straight forward even if it doesn't always play nicely. You need to move the sheep down to the hay, to get to that they have to go across the grass and through the slime. Make rows so they go across the grass to gather the crops you need as that will get you more points, but you should be able to get some nice rows when you are leading the sheep down. Watch for combinations, and possible rows where you can lead more than one sheep to the hay and use your shovels to remove crops that are sitting in the way of a better row. Video is slightly different, am in the process of trying to update but only got a one star :(

Level 1180

18 Moves Requirements: 9 Oysters 1 Spider 55 Water drops 155 Onions Its up to you where you start on this level but I often found by starting on the grassy area, I could clear the oysters and make water as well. Clearly you need to remove the spider to get to the other oysters so the priorities are the spider and the oysters when you can. They are obviously harder as once you open, if you don't make another move next to them, they close again. The onions should be pretty easy to get, you just need to keep making rows next to the buckets to get the water.

Level 1181

16 Moves (changed level) 1 Spider 70 Carrots 70 Water drops 70 Strawberries Make the frog hop as much as possible. You don't need to collect apples, they just get in your way, so if the frog eats them, more space for the good crops. The only problem with him is he always seems to land his bottom, just where I am shaping up to make a nice row with lots of points on :P You need to break the nests to evict the spider, but wherever you can, try to match your crops on the grass for extra points. If you make your crops fall down and they fall nicely so make up new rows all by themselves, then they can open webs or move the frog too.

Level 1182

15 Moves 1 Flower 1 Spider 91 Carrots 91 Suns You will notice the grass and flower seed on this level, which means that you need to make water by evicting the spider, so you can get to the buckets! If you move the spider quickly and have a water drop land near grass, it helps, but don't waste a lot of moves trying to make the grass otherwise you won't have enough left so will fail anyway. The important thing is to make your flower grow. We need 91 suns and carrots, so make sure of combinations and other careful planning to get all the points you need.

Level 1183

20 Moves 1 Sheep 90 Apples 90 Carrots 90 Onions Keep making rows next to your water buckets. You need it to jump near your hay seed. Your seed will get further away from your sheep but that's ok as you will just have to move your sheep. With any luck you can use the crops you need to collect to make your matches and you should be able to break the ice while doing all this. You only need one piece of hay as they are the white sheep, but I usually find if I end up towards the bottom when its made, two just give you more of a chance to get the sheep to it. The crops must keep falling nicely to get extra points on, the more points, the less you have to collect :)

Level 1184

18 Moves 1 Spider 5 Flowers 200 Onions 100 Water drops This level is challenging, but quite fun too I think. You need to position your crops so that the ones on the logs, as they move around will make rows with the ones that are around the spider or near the flowers. Break the webs quickly so that we can move the spider into his next two nests then he will be out of the way leaving us to concentrate on opening flowers. Watch the logs carefully to see what crops are coming up next. Make as many combinations and +5 rows as you can (as always and I know we keep saying this) to get all the crops you need. And you need more onions than water, so keep a careful eye on your crop count. Watch the video for help.

Level 1185

21 Moves 4 Chicks 120 Suns 120 Strawberries 8 Firecrackers We need 5 chicks which means we need a lot of eggs. So move those chickens as much as you can, while at the same time hitting the firecrackers too. You need as many rows of 5 crops as you can get, so plan all moves carefully before you make them. Even rows of 5 onions will still help, as you don't need them to collect, but will add points to remaining crops for everytime you take them all away. The rainbow boosters we have on the board add extra points to the surrounding crop they are swapped with. Before you use them, make as many points on the crops nearest to them as you can. They also crack eggs and set firecrackers off too though!

Level 1186

16 Moves 3 Fireflies 75 Carrots 75 Strawberries 75 Suns Those darn fireflies. They are on, off, on, off more than King decide to mess with their levels. The best way as always to tackle them is to open the ones at the bottom. Unfortunately I found no matter how careful you were, there was always one crop that made a row in the wrong place and turned them off again. If you get 3 lit and even the last one pre-lit, use a shovel to finish it and remove them all. You need to make the crops cascade so that they match themselves. We only get 12 moves and by the time we have got rid of the fireflies, we haven't many left. All the crops are in play on the board, so they interfere with the crop gathering. But I always think the more moves the level has, the worse it is, so there is hope :)

Level 1187

14 Moves 1 Spider 120 Strawberries 120 Suns 120 Water drops Mr. Spider has 3 nests to leap into, so we need to remove him from them all. You know by now how to help him on his merry way. When he goes to the top nest though, clear the webs as soon as you can as it will stop new crops falling down so easily. Ideally all crops should be gathered on the grass but the lower nests will hamper that attempt. Just try to get your crops to cascade down and break the webs for you to make the level easier.

Level 1188

21 Moves 20 Flowers 45 Carrots 45 Onions 45 Suns Lots of grumpy crops here and all the flowers are growing nicely on the grass. We need to pick all the flowers so that we can make our rows of crops on the grass, cancelling out the grumpy faces and gathering extra points too. Make rows inbetween, as well as next to as many flowers as you can to make opening them quicker. Once the flowers are out of the way you will have more space to make decent rows, just be careful they don't include the lurking grumpies!

Level 1189

The simplest way to get the bull to hit the poppies: Line up your crops so you can move him to the right, once the poppy has been hit, move him back to the left. Unfortunately where he stops, you will not be able to move him straight up to the top of the board, so you need to move him back to the left. Line up your crops so that he goes up, then to the right, then back left to the final poppy. You can do the top poppy first, just do it all backwards then. Line the crops against the flowers so that the rows tuck into the corners as the corner ones are always harder to pick. They are not so hard to get, especially if you use a companion that helps open them. Cascading crops, +5 rows and combinations of crops will get you the amounts required. This level CAN be done without using companions though, you might just have to rely on waiting for a good board.

Level 1190

You will notice that the top row of oysters are the hardest ones to get. So even if you have open oysters elsewhere, if you get the chance to remove the top ones, grab that first. Starting on the lower half of the board will encourage crops to fall nicely for you, hopefully making their own matches too. Cascading crops and rows of +5 will get you the amounts you need, but save a shovel until near the end in case you have one oyster left.

Level 1191 **Rancid**

In 18 moves we have to throw 190 Suns and Water drops at the smarmy Racoon. Unfortunately the best place to make the points is on the grass underneath the iced crops. Luckily the water buckets are not hidden though so that we can make the water we need. And we need to gather the crops in as little moves as we can so that we can get at least the two keys we need to open the next roadblock so remember your shovels. You know how handy they are by now :)

Level 1192

19 Moves Requirements: 10 Flowers 2 Spiders 170 Apples 170 Strawberries The flowers are being protected behind a wall of webs. You have two options. Use a shovel to break a web and make a row if the crops are in the right place or make rows next to your firecrackers. Once they explode they will hopefully land on the webs for you. Either way, again you need to take advantage of the firecrackers, use as many as you can.  As soon as you have an opening, move the spiders. Luckily neither of them have any spare nests to jump into. And then once they are out of the way, you need to make your rows next to as many flowers as you can, while still using the firecrackers. The more flowers you open in a move, the less moves you need.  You need a lot of crops, so match the higher points crops first. video coming soon

Level 1193

14 Moves 9 Flowers 80 Water drops  150 Carrots 15 Firecrackers Having played this level many many times. I have come to the conclusion that if you use the companions, sometimes they make it easier. It seems to be that sometimes you get a much better board if you activate them than if you don't, and I didn't realise until someone told me, it sets itself differently depending on which companion you use. Personally I found the igniter companion was a great help here, once activated they jump everywhere and often land on the flowers. Don't bother making rows next to the flowers. Leave them to the companion you use, if they don't open them, you wouldn't have beaten the level anyway as moves would have been wasted opening them. Set as many firecrackers off as you can. I didn't even realise the first day I played it was a requirement (I really should read what I need to collect before I start playing) so you set them off as much as you can and you will get above