Wednesday, 9 December 2015

New Feature for Facebook games! Windows 10 users

Beta edition. This popped up on my Facebook tonight, have you got it?

There is no guarantee it is completely stable or that it will stick around as it is still beta. That being said, a lot of things stay in the beta condition for a long time.
It will ask you to install and when you run it, it will bring up a Facebook log in screen. When logged in, you will notice it has taken you to the Facebook game centre. Its purely for games, as far as I can see you cannot access any other part of Facebook at all. Handy for those who just use it to play games. You can also click to add a shortcut directly to the game on your desktop which is cool if you only play the one game.

Once you close the window, you will notice a shortcut on your pc desktop and that is how you get back to it. Of course if you like Facebook anyway, you will probably just carry on using the normal method. Whether it will make games quicker it remains to be seen. You can request lives etc as normal, but you can't click on notifications to get more lives as they are not there.


  1. I cannot download it. The blue download button is dudded. Notthing happens...

  2. Have you got it on your actual Facebook page? Have you got a pop up blocker on?