Level 1146 **Rancid**

In less than 22 moves we need to throw at Rancid, 540 Apples, Strawberries and Water drops. To get two or more stars you need to use hardly any moves.
Try NOT to break the ice near the frogs, but in reality, you are likely to. Its still possible to pass even if you do.
You need to use your shovels on rows that you can make with extra points because it will save you a move for each shovel that you have. Not only that if you shovel a crop away to make a better score, you won't lose points on the other crops.
If your frogs get lose, its not the end of the world, it just makes it annoying.

NOTE** My video has 3 less moves but is otherwise the same :)


  1. I give up, played this a hundred times, and got no more than a couple of hundred, this may be my get-out the game point!

    1. Please let King know as it will be a shame if you quit, you have come so far :(

    2. Yeeeesssss, I did it at long last, though they had increased the moves slightly. I had to use my dog, tractor, double-up points and 3 shovels. TBH I think it was one of those fluke games, where points seem to come from nowhere. I'm going for a lay down now!

    3. Did it did it did it! 3 spades, 1 dog and double up points, 1 tractor, and a lot of luck. It was one of those fluke games where points seem to come out of the blue, and, more importantly, they have given us more moves.

    4. YAY!!!!! Well done !!, I will go back and look at it again :)

    5. I cant pass this one either;(

  2. way to many suns drop near the frogs and they gobble up your points, its really very unfair this game with such a small board and three frogs, don't have the shovels or other help to get me out, lowest I got was 98 way to many suns and to many points.

  3. used over 20,000 beans, running out don't get a chance to use shovels not worth can't even get to that point, I give up played this game for years this is way unfair such a small board with three frogs to many suns, can't do it.


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