Thursday, 3 December 2015

Level 1145

17 Moves
200 Carrots
200 Suns
3 Chicks
You will notice several flowers on this board, but you don't actually need to collect any as part of completing the level.
The only problems are, they take up room on the grass which is where you need to make your rows for extra points, and also, unless you use shovels, you cannot move the chickens. If you don't move chickens, you don't have eggs laid which mean you cannot make chicks.
Also on the board you will notice firecrackers. The firecrackers again are not part of your requirements, but they are always useful. When you set them off, each one acts like four shovels, so not only digging crops up but also hitting chickens on the head to encourage them to lay eggs (don't try that at home lol)
Make as many rows as you can next to the freed chickens, but also make as many as you can on grass to get all the crops you need.


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