Thursday, 3 December 2015

Level 1144

20 Moves (revised)
100 Apples
100 Carrots
100 Onions
100 Strawberries
You don't need to collect water this time but you do need to make it to stop the ticking water bombs you have. You can of course make rows of the water and remove them that way, but the way they are spread out, its easier to make water. So make as many rows as you can next to the buckets.
Remember that once you hit hero mode, all bombs change back, so if you can use as little moves as possible in getting your required amounts,  then you will be able to play without the bombs.
Again, we have grass surrounding the buckets. Take advantages of cascading crops making your rows for you to gather extra points.
If you can make rows of five crops, even better.

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