Level 1140

22 Moves (revised)
6 Flowers
80 Mushrooms
180 Apples
180 Strawberries
Wow! They took this fun level and made it a miserable nightmare :(
You need to make as many rows next to the mushrooms as you can for every move you make. 
The flowers should be opened quite easily as you are busy making rows,but the logs go past them, so changing crops will help.
Use the grass to make rows on as this will add points for you.
As all the other mushroom levels, you don't need to make a rows next to them to get them to grow, they start off babies, then all the babies will grow on your next move wherever it is. This can be useful for opening flowers to.


  1. Now they have changed it and demand more: 6 flowers; 80 mushrooms; 200 apples and 200 strawberries. You have 15 moves only and it is not possible to progress :(

  2. They seemed to have changed it back, more moves, thankfully! Took me a while to do, I will never understand the mushrooms, sometimes you get loads in one go, then nothing, I'm baffled.
    Good luck!

    1. You need to make a row of crops next to them when they are full grown then babies pop out of them (for want of a better description) the more mushrooms you match next to, the more you get jump out. Each mushroom will produce two babies, as long as there is space for them. Hope this helps :)


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