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New Feature for Facebook games! Windows 10 users

Beta edition. This popped up on my Facebook tonight, have you got it? There is no guarantee it is completely stable or that it will stick around as it is still beta. That being said, a lot of things stay in the beta condition for a long time. It will ask you to install and when you run it, it will bring up a Facebook log in screen. When logged in, you will notice it has taken you to the Facebook game centre. Its purely for games, as far as I can see you cannot access any other part of Facebook at all. Handy for those who just use it to play games. You can also click to add a shortcut directly to the game on your desktop which is cool if you only play the one game. Once you close the window, you will notice a shortcut on your pc desktop and that is how you get back to it. Of course if you like Facebook anyway, you will probably just carry on using the normal method. Whether it will make games quicker it remains to be seen. You can request lives etc as normal, but you can'

Level 1150

15 Moves Requirements: 4 Fireflies 12 Oysters 150 Apples 150 Carrots I found it easier on this level to start on the bottom making the rows next to the open oysters as you can. It won't matter if you can't complete all the open ones, just get as many as you can on each row. Make rows next to as many or in between as many as you can. You need to move the oysters before you can get to the fireflies. You might very well find that you open your fireflies and close them many times. Do not despair. You can use shovels, so save them, if you find you just need to open one, then use a shovel to do it rather than risk losing them all again.

Level 1149

28 Moves (increased) 2 Chicks 85 Onions 85 Water drops 85 Suns Break the ice quickly. I didn't get anywhere quickly no matter if I used companions or not, but at least using them might make you feel like you have hope. You need to get the chickens, at least one of them, up and hopping around. At least if you use the egg cracker companion it saves you a little work. You need combinations (do we ever not), watch for +5 rows and keep making as many of them near your chickens as you can while watching for possible rows with extra points. Dig crops out of the way using a shovel to make better rows and also you can hit the chickens to make them jump and lay an egg. If nothing else, it might make you feel better :)

Level 1148

22 Moves Requirements: 60 Water drops 50 Carrots 150 Onions  8 Flowers How are we going to get all the flowers? :-O Firstly, count them. There are already 10 on the board plus flower seeds. We don't need to get all of them :) Secondly, you have two ways. Open the ones that you can and make more on the main board. Or, open the ones you can and use the firecrackers to open the others for you. Either way works. As always, make as many rows as you can near the buckets of water, which also handily land near the grass so you can kill two birds with one stone. Grass makes points.  Clever combinations can hit water and open flowers or firecrackers, just pay careful attention to the board.

Level 1147

15 Moves (revised) Requirements: 20 Firecrackers 200 Apples 200 Strawberries 4 Flowers You need to make water to make the seeds grow that are not flowers yet. Start by opening the flower buds. You don't need to gather water as part of your requirements though. At the same time, make as many rows as you can next to your firecrackers. Not only do you need 20 but you can also use them to remove crops, open flowers, make water etc. Luckily you only get one other crop falling other than the ones you need, so you have more possibilities for rows and cascading crops which will give you more points on your crops. Watch for possible rows of five crops which remove all the other same type. VIDEO COMING

Level 1146 **Rancid**

In less than 22 moves we need to throw at Rancid, 540 Apples, Strawberries and Water drops. To get two or more stars you need to use hardly any moves. Try NOT to break the ice near the frogs, but in reality, you are likely to. Its still possible to pass even if you do. You need to use your shovels on rows that you can make with extra points because it will save you a move for each shovel that you have. Not only that if you shovel a crop away to make a better score, you won't lose points on the other crops. If your frogs get lose, its not the end of the world, it just makes it annoying. NOTE** My video has 3 less moves but is otherwise the same :)

Level 1145

17 Moves Requirements: 200 Carrots 200 Suns 3 Chicks You will notice several flowers on this board, but you don't actually need to collect any as part of completing the level. The only problems are, they take up room on the grass which is where you need to make your rows for extra points, and also, unless you use shovels, you cannot move the chickens. If you don't move chickens, you don't have eggs laid which mean you cannot make chicks. Also on the board you will notice firecrackers. The firecrackers again are not part of your requirements, but they are always useful. When you set them off, each one acts like four shovels, so not only digging crops up but also hitting chickens on the head to encourage them to lay eggs (don't try that at home lol) Make as many rows as you can next to the freed chickens, but also make as many as you can on grass to get all the crops you need. VIDEO COMING

Level 1144

20 Moves (revised) Requirements: 100 Apples 100 Carrots 100 Onions 100 Strawberries You don't need to collect water this time but you do need to make it to stop the ticking water bombs you have. You can of course make rows of the water and remove them that way, but the way they are spread out, its easier to make water. So make as many rows as you can next to the buckets. Remember that once you hit hero mode, all bombs change back, so if you can use as little moves as possible in getting your required amounts,  then you will be able to play without the bombs. Again, we have grass surrounding the buckets. Take advantages of cascading crops making your rows for you to gather extra points. If you can make rows of five crops, even better.

Level 1143

19 Moves 1 Spider 100 Carrots 100 Strawberries 100 Suns Empty nests here for the spider which means that he won't be gone until he has been in each of them. Use combinations and try to break the webs nearest the spider as soon as you can, it doesn't matter about the other webs because once he moves and lands in the empty nests, he will web them again anyway. Also you can use shovels to break webs. Save as many moves as you can for your crop gathering. Once you have removed the spider though, you will have more room to gather crops. If you moved him without using too many, then you will have enough left.

Level 1142

21 Moves 100 Suns 6 Flowers 2 Spiders 50 Mushrooms The spiders don't have any spare nests to jump into, so once you have moved them, they are gone. Other than the couple of crops there are, you will need mushrooms to break the webs so ignore them for a minute and start by opening the flowers. Get in between them, make rows that hit more than one flower at a time and they will soon be picked. Once the flowers are out of the way the mushrooms are not so safe anymore. Make as many rows as you can next to them. You need 50 which is quite a big number, so the more moves you have left at this point the better. As you are busy making rows, watch for openings to make a row that includes the webbed crops and remove the spiders.

Level 1141

20 Moves Requirements: 3 Poppy Flowers 125 Apples 125 Suns 125 Water drops Keep the bulls in the rows they are in, then when they move to the right of the screen they will be lined up ready. Move each one down and then left. Don't change them out of the path and they will hit the poppies perfectly. If you need help, just watch the video to see how its done or follow the picture above. Each coloured line for each different bull. Once the bulls are out of the way, or even while you are busy moving them, make as many rows as you can on the grass, If you have cascading crops too you will soon get all the points you need.

Level 1140

22 Moves (revised) Requirements: 6 Flowers 80 Mushrooms 180 Apples 180 Strawberries Wow! They took this fun level and made it a miserable nightmare :( You need to make as many rows next to the mushrooms as you can for every move you make.  The flowers should be opened quite easily as you are busy making rows,but the logs go past them, so changing crops will help. Use the grass to make rows on as this will add points for you. As all the other mushroom levels, you don't need to make a rows next to them to get them to grow, they start off babies, then all the babies will grow on your next move wherever it is. This can be useful for opening flowers to.

Level 1139

15 Moves 4 Flowers 150 Apples 150 Strawberries 4 Black Sheep You don't get enough moves to mess around on this level so start at the bottom and hope that the new crops that fall, will automatically make rows next to the upper flowers. You need to move the sheep to the crops in as few moves as possible, if the crops co-operate it is possible to move them to the hay in one move each. Get the crops falling and the points will add on, but also use the shovels to make better matches.

Level 1138

15 Moves (revised) 2 White Sheep 2 Black Sheep 125 Apples 125 Suns This level can be tricky but can be a fun one. You know you need to move the sheep to the hay, but you only have two pieces of hay so you need to move the white sheep first as the black sheep will nom nom it. Then you need to make as many crops as you can cascade, hopefully some of them will land on the grass and those points will add up.  Don't fret if you don't do it quickly though as the level won't always let you win easily.

Level 1137

23 Moves 200 Apples 200 Suns 200 Strawberries 200 Carrots If you don't crack the iced crops you don't get irritating snowballs falling, but its really hard to avoid this. On this level you need to make endless crops cascade down, adding points to your crops as well as making rows themselves and match as many as you can on the grass for automatic points. Remember to make combinations and rows of 5 crops as many times as you can for adding lots and lots of points.