Friday, 20 November 2015

Level 1131 **rancid**

In 24 moves we need 390 Apples, Strawberries and Water drops.
How are we going to pass this level? With luck and in as few moves as you can. It seems with the last few Rancid levels that you need 10 or more moves left to get anywhere near 2 stars. Two Stars of course open a roadblock, but one star is a pass and you can always ask your friends for help.
Normally I would advise avoiding the frogs, but on this level that is pretty hard to do and really, I don't think it makes much difference. 
You need to cascade crops, so that once you have made the row you are making now, the crops fall and make another row for you. As you know, this adds points onto your remaining crops in that area.
Use shovels so that it saves moves but also so that your points don't vanish off other crops when you make a row. 
Watch carefully for rows of 5 crops, especially if they have points on as they will help your count too.


  1. I'd be happy with one star, getting pretty fed up with trying.

    1. Stick with it. Since the level was changed it has got harder :(

  2. Impossible to pass this level - tried more than 100 times and spent 1000's of beans.

  3. yep the last few rancid have been really difficult but this one is really hard, don't know if I can handle playing it anymore its so boring and way to many points to get, don't need the frustration.

  4. can't pass this not enough beans to waste on all points that you had to help the companions are a waste as they always land near the frogs to make a match, its impossible unless you have heaps of beans to waste on triple points even then its no guarantee, I quit.

  5. Don't bother its impossible save yourself from the torment and total frustration of this revised unfair level. Its not worth it, give it up before you rip your hair out. Hate this game, quit while you still have your sanity, its totally unfair and impossible to pass.

  6. ES imposible, no hay quien lo pase, habra que dejar el juego. me rindo

  7. Losing the will to live after playing this level for about 3 weeks. Am now playing it in a catatonic trance as skill does not come into it. If I do pass it will be luck, maybe this week or next year if I can be bothered to carry on. might just read a good book instead.

  8. I think sometimes it helps to let your mind wander while doing it. Watch TV or play another game at the same time. You are correct, it is a lucky board you need and you will get one, but then the skill comes in as you have to realise that. Go to King care and post about how hard it is and then hopefully someone at King will take note :)