Level 1130

17 Moves (changed)
5 Flowers
125 Carrots
125 Water drops
125 Suns
You need to use the firecrackers to get your flowers. But take note. You ONLY need 5 flowers and there are 8 on the board so you don't need to open all of them. (and if you didn't realise until you read this, it took me a while to cotton on to that as well)
You can use the boosters in the middle of the board, once the ice is broken, to help get extra points but this level relies heavily on the crops falling well and plentiful for you, and the firecrackers. You need to set as many as you can so that they keep exploding all over the board.
Also those colourful boosters along with removing crops in a square around them and adding points, they also light firecrackers too ;)
To get the crops, again you need combinations, +5 rows and cascading crops.


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