Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Level 1128

13 Moves (changed)
2 Spiders
80 Apples
80 Suns
80 Carrots
The spiders have two extra empty nests between them to escape to before you can finally give them the boot.
This time you need to use the crops on the logs to make the rows to break the webs. Luckily its not too hard to do that, you just need to plan your moves beforehand so that when the row moves, the crop is in the right place.
Try to make rows so that they touch both spiders at the same time, it takes less moves then to remove them than if you do them separately.
Break webbed crops with a shovel to remove them quicker, if you break the webbed crop touching the spider, then you only need one clean row to remove him (instead of the first row needing to break it)
You need a lot of crops so you need to make a lot of points, try making crops cascade into rows all by themselves once the spiders are gone. The less moves you take to move the spiders, the more you have for removing crops.

**Note., they altered this level twice in between writing it originally and checking the level, then making the video. Its now back as it was but with 2 extra moves, so the video still applies. You just have two more moves than I did :)

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