Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Level 1127

And two snow making patches go along with the logs on the river in this level.
You need to watch very carefully, so that when you make rows, they break the snowballs, the un-snowed crops will hopefully fall down and if you can match them well, can make rows for you.
Also watch the crops on the side, as they rotate along the river, you can match the crops on the main board so that as the river turns, they add the last crop and make the row for you.
Remember that you cannot remove the icey snow patches, so you will always get more snowballed crops, you just need to keep breaking them and moving them down.
You can't use a snowball crop to make a row, but you can use a clean crop to make a row by putting it onto the snow patch if that's where it will make the row.
With a lot of practice and patience it is possible to pass this without using companions.

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