Level 1125

27 Moves
4 Flowers
80 Water drops
120 Onions
The grumpy crops are not tooooo much of a problem this time as we have so much grass.
We do need to make as many rows next to the water buckets as you can, because not only do you need water drops as part of completing this level, you also need to make some flowers grow. None of the flowers we need are made for us today, so we have to convert 4 seeds into flowers. There are more seeds than you need, so once you have 4 flowers, concentrate on your crops.
Again, as always, you need combinations to gain enough points. 
Luckily for us, all the rows will be made on the grass so straight away you will have extra points on them. Make your water if you can first, and try ignoring the crops you don't need to collect as much as possible so that you can concentrate on onion picking too.
Watch which crops are on the logs and see if you can set them so that when the log moves along, it makes a row for you by moving the last crop into place.


  1. hey!
    now only 20 moves, with 100 water drops and 125 onions!

    i think this is unreal!

    1. Agree! Please email King and tell them! Google "farm heroes support" and when you find the contact form, email. I can't give you the link as I had to turn off the copy and paste function to stop people copying our links :(
      Added it to my list, the episode is already on there with the other 165 levels to be changed :(


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