Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Level 1124

19 Moves (changed)
4 Flowers
150 Strawberries
150 Carrots
40 Firecrackers
Ignore the numbers of firecrackers for now because you need them so badly, that you won't even realise you are collecting them.
Why do we need them badly? You are sat wondering how you are going to get those flowers are you?
Well wonder no more because when you set the firecrackers off, at some point they are going to explode on the flowers and open them for you. IF you end up towards the end of the level, have everything else but the last opening on the flower, don't forget you can use a shovel too.
You need combinations to not only touch as many firecrackers as you can, but also to gather the numbers of crops, because if you haven't played this level yet, Rob the rabbit is back pinching the carrots. Try to stun him as many times as you can (By making a match next to him or just whacking him with a shovel) and gather as many carrots as you can while he is stunned.
The more combinations you use, the more value will be added to your remaining crops and you need that value to pass this level.

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