Level 1123

22 Moves (changed :( )
1 Spider
100 Carrots
100 Apples
2 Poppies
Don't catch the spider first this time, move the bull. If you move him right so he hits the empty spiders nest, then up it keeps him out of the way of the spiders webbed war.
Once the bull is at the top, concentrate on breaking the spiders webs and removing the spider into his empty nests and then give him the boot completely.
Go back to your bull, hit the first poppy, move him down again then to the right so it hits the side. Then back to the left to get the second poppy. You need to keep him in the same row or he won't be in the correct position to get the second poppy.
If you haven't been making rows of your needed crops, you need to have plenty of moves left. Make as many as you can on the grass to get the points.


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