Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Level 1122

15 Moves (changes)
4 Poppies
200 Carrots
200 Apples
A tricky level to get more than one star on, but one star is a passed level so I wouldn't worry unless you like gathering stars.
The trouble with iced poppies, you cannot match and break like you can do with normal crops. So the only way you are going to break them is by getting the bull to headbutt them (Unless you break them with shovels as a last resort)
This means moving the bull back and forwards to break, then back and forwards to get the poppies.
It doesn't really matter if you move up towards the top poppies, but obviously you don't want to move the bull around too much or you will waste moves, so try to keep him in one row or the other until they are cleared.
When you get the other two poppies, (depending on which row you started with) the best place to position Mr Bull again, is in between them. That way you only need to move forward and back two times for each Poppy. If you move the bull to the edge, you waste moves because then you have to move up, down, then across.
You need to save your moves to get your crops and ideally the best place is on the grass, but the more crops that cascade down, the more points you will gain. You should hopefully get some rows of 5 crops here too :)

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