Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Level 1121

15 Moves
10 Oysters
125 Apples
125 Carrots
125 Suns
Not such a hard level to start the new episode on.
Make as many rows next to your oysters as you can. Make them next to and in between them when ever possible. The more you open in one move the better as it gives you more moves to gather crops.
The only other crop that falls down apart from the above, are water drops, which means that you have less other crops to get in the way of added points. Combinations, 5+ rows and cascading crops and you will soon have 70 of each of the crops.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi, you can buy 3 shovels before the beginning of every level. They cost 250 beans which you get from your friends when your lives are full. Send out a few requests to friends before you close the game for a few hours and when you come back to it accept all the beans, then keep reloading the game until beans requests stop coming through and over time they will build up.. that’s how I got mine :) if you’re not sure how to buy shovels check out the pages tab at the top under boosters and it shows you there :)

  2. they raised the suns and others by 25 more. i can usually get the oysters, but barely get half the required apples, carrots and suns.

    1. Thanks for telling us, will get it changed :)